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Parks' Bioblitz event this May - March 23, 2012

By David Nguyen

Join Portland Parks & Recreation's staff and volunteers for the first ever BioBlitz for Forest Park Wildlife event this May!


BioBlitz is an intense, continuous, 24-hour survey documenting all the living things in a specific area. This blitz will focus on animals within Forest Park, and we are definitely including arthropods and mollusks.


The blitz starts at noon on Friday, May 18 and continues through the night, running until noon on Saturday.


We’re looking for up to 40 wildlife experts to lead small teams of volunteers in search of animals in the park. Each team of 4 to 10 volunteers will join team leaders and as they look for slugs, batsbeetles, hummingbirds, salamanders, owls, coyotes, spiders, lizards, and anything else they can find – most surveys will last 4 hours.

Click here to be a team leader, or here to volunteer.