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Severe weather triggers expanded shelter, day access sites and hours - January 17, 2012

By David Nguyen


The National Weather Service forecasts temperatures of 32 degrees and a high likelihood of snow beginning at 4:00 this morning and lasting through tomorrow morning at 10:00. A second storm is expected to blow through Portland later this week.


This severe weather has also triggered the opening of expanded shelter space in addition to year-round shelter facilities. Several additional day centers will be open today, and a number of extra shelters will be opentonight. Click here for the expanded list.


During this severe weather episode, 211info will be open for phone inquiries daily between 8:00 am and midnight. Get the latest and most complete information about severe weather shelters on 211info’s Shelter Alerts Page or click here to locate a winter shelter near you.


If you are a service provider and would like to update us on services you offer during Severe Weather Notices, please call Troy Hammond at (503) 504-9867.


Major winter storm aims for Portland area

Noelle Crombie in The Oregonian, January 17