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Beat the heat at the pool! - September 7, 2011

Pools are a great place to cool off during a heat wave. This week, with 90+ degree weather expected, two PP&R pools will be open.


Grant Pool

Open through next Friday


Monday through Friday: 11 am - 1 pm lap swim and parent/preschool swim, 4 - 7:25 pm lap swim


Saturday and Sunday: 12 - 1 pm lap swim and parent/preschool swim; 1:10 - 4:25 open play swim; 4:30 - 6:00 family swim and lap swim


Adults $4

Kids $2.50

2 and under free


Wilson Pool

Open this Saturday and Sunday

Noon - 6 pm

Adult $5

Kids $3.50

2 and under free


Photo: This great photo of Sellwood Pool is from flickr user russelldavies. Thanks!

Splash pads around the city are also open. "Not only do they make the hot days more tolerable," writes the Oregonian, "but they pull people into the park. It's like a modern - and more colorful - version of the time-honored tradition of running through the sprinkler. Urban renewal in the form of water." Splash pads at the following parks are currently open:


Columbia - North Lombard + Woolsey

Essex - SE 79th + Center
Earl Boyles - SE 112th + Boise Elizabeth Caruthers - 3508 SW Moody
Farragut - North Kerby + Farragut Grant - NE 33rd + US Grant Place
Kenton - 8417 North Brandon McCoy - North Trenton + Newman
Northgate - North Geneva + Fessenden Peninsula - 700 North Rosa Parks Way
Pier - North Lombard + Bruce Raymond - SE 188th + Raymond
Stark Street Island - SE 106th + Stark Woodlawn - NE 13th + Dekum