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Nick kicks off soccer and cultural celebration - July 5, 2011

On July 1, Nick joined Commissioner Amanda Fritz at Delta Park to kick off the second annual Portland World Cup Soccer Tournament & Cultural Celebration.


Numerous city bureaus joined with local community organizations to host the much anticipated community sporting event. Comprised of 12 teams representing 16 countries with more than 200 youth, Nick greeted the eager athletes with enthusiasm and pride. 


Our team at Portland Parks & Recreation is working to integrate immigrants into its programs and overcome cultural barriers. During an interview with the Oregonian PP&R staff member and coordinator for the event, Alejandro "Alex" Vidales said, "soccer, no matter what the language barriers, that's always a hook. Once you get the kids and families in, then you can start to have those other conversations."


Adults from across the city volunteered their time in the past months to coach the teams, including firefighters from Stations 7 and 34.



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