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City Council adopts Disparity Study report, pledges immediate action - June 23, 2011

Yesterday, the City Council unanimously voted to accept the Disparity Study report and take immediate actions to establish long-term, city-wide changes to address the disparities identified by the study. 


For almost two years, with the critical engagement of community stakeholders, Commissioner Fish has led the effort to create a new Disparity Study. A disparity study is a legally-required document used to defend programs that combat historic discrimination. Using methodology supported by the courts, the study measures the effectiveness of existing City and PDC programs in increasing the use of minority- and women-owned businesses.


The City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) are committed to equal opportunity through policies that promote diversity and equity in construction contracting.


Special thanks to the members of the Commissioner's Advisory Group.


Disparity Study Executive Summary


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Overview, Background, and Next Steps


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