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Bud Clark Commons - June 2, 2011

AUDIO: "Bud Clark Commons opens to residents"

On K103


"New beds are engineered to keep those pesky bugs at bay"

Mihir Zaveri in The Oregonian


"Nick Fish discusses the city's effort to fight homelessness"

Patrick Preston on KATU (Video)


"$47M building for the homeless opens in downtown Portland"


 Patrick Preston on KATU


"New Facility Creates Homes, Opportunities For Homeless"



"First-of-its-kind center opens in Portland"

Angela Webber in the Daily Journal of Commerce


"Portland Open Bud Clark Commons Homeless Center"

Kristian Foden-Vencil on OPB

"Bud Clark Commons opens in Old Town with ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours"

Molly Hottle in The Oregonian

We were honored to have Barry Sanders and Leo Rhodes read poems to commemorate the official opening:


Barry Sanders: Untitled


Leo Rhodes: "Am I Human?"