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"Final push" to secure Medal of Honor for Sgt. Henry Lincoln Johnson - May 13, 2011

Almost 100 years ago, a young WWI soldier displayed exceptional bravery on the battlefield.


Today, a broad coalition is working to secure - at long last - the Medal of Honor for that soldier, Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson, who President Roosevelt called "one of the five bravest men who fought in WWI."


In this week's Skanner, Helen Silvis writes that newly-discovered documents may finally overcome the procedural issues that have so far frustrated the effort.


Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and New York Senator Charles Schumer, who are leading this effort at the federal level, will submit the new evidence to Army Secretary John McHugh as early as this week. From there, the request will move to the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and eventually to Congress.


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"Harlem Hellfighter, who fought under Nick Fish's grandfather, may get Medal of Honor thanks to newly-discovered documents"