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Expanded Afterschool At-Risk Meal program will continue - January 12, 2011

Story by Abby Warren


We are very excited to share that as part of the Healthy Portland Initiative, Portland Parks & Recreation will continue to sponsor the Child Nutrition Program, a state program administered locally by PP&R as the Afterschool At-Risk Meal and Snack Program. Today, the City Council authorized PP&R to renew its sponsorship of the pilot project, and to expand it so that we can offer even more free, nutritious meals to hungry kids.


This program benefits children who attend our afterschool education and enrichment programs, where they can now count on receiving free and nutritious meals and snacks. In addition to the existing site at St. John's Community Center, we're expanding so that children attending afterschool programs at the University Park Community Center will also have access to the program.


Thanks to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, the nutrition team at Centennial School District, and our PP&R staff lead, Ali Ryan, for making this program so successful!