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Parks and Portland Public Schools announce new partnership agreement - November 3, 2010

This morning in Council Commissioner Fish announced an important new partnership between Portland Parks & Recreation and Portland Public Schools.


For more than 50 years, PPS and Parks have worked together to jointly manage shared facilities and inter-dependent programs. The same facility might house, for example, PPS golf courses and pools, PIL fields, a Parks community center, youth basketball leagues managed by Parks, and SUN Community Schools. Not only do Parks and PPS share facilities, they share a commitment to health, education, and safety.


The Collaboration Agreement announced today is a model of how the City and PPS can work together. The Agreement consolidates and strengthens existing agreements and established a new Strategic/Management Committee to guide future relationships.


Thanks to the Parks and PPS teams who worked together to bring this Agreement to life.


Above: Students at the Mt. Tabor SUN School, which is operated by Parks and takes place in a PPS facility