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Apple Jam brings the party to Washington Park - August 12, 2010

Commissioner Fritz joined Nick last night for the Apple Jam concert at Washington Park," an "uproarious and tuneful trip down memory lane." The Seattle-based band showcases songs the Beatles composed in the early sixties but never recorded, offering a masterfully recreated Beatles sound with a contemporary feel. Apple Jam recently headlined Beatle Week 2009 in Liverpool, performing for close to 300,000 people.


The Washington Park Summer Festival runs through this Saturday. Tonight's show features Loveness Wesa, whose Afro-pop style bridges the past and the present of Southern African music, the Kgotso African Dance group, and the Bantus Band. Tomorrow, the Do Jump! acrobats offer a unique blend of physical theater, dance, acrobatics, and live music from Klezmocracy. The Festival closes Saturday night with Felicidades, a closing night tradition of rousing salsa and calypso.


Record crowds have turned out this season - we hope you'll be able to join us for one of these final shows!


Thanks to Parks' Kyle Moredock for the great action shot!