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Downtown Food Ministry partners sign Good Neighbor Agreement - March 5, 2010

Representatives of the City of Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the Portland Police Bureau, the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Portland Parks & Recreation, and Bridgetown and Manna/New Song Ministries came together to sign a Good Neighbor Agreement for the downtown Food Ministry program.


Bridgetown and Manna/New Song Ministries run programs serving the growing number of Portlanders experiencing hunger, homelessness, or financial hardship and can't afford basic services. Their weekly services engage volunteers to provide meals, haircuts, shavings, and other basic services.


These weekly events have been around for years - Manna/New Song Ministries has been operating in downtown Portland since 1991. Congratulations to Hannah Kuhn, former Policy Director for Commissioner Fish, and Sam Chase, working from the Portland Housing Bureau, on this successful conclusion to a year of hard work!