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Council adopts Bike Plan - February 12, 2010

Council unanimously adopted the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 Thursday afternoon, reports Andy Giegerich in the Portland Business Journal. "This will make bicycling a cornerstone of Portland's sustainable transportation system," Commissioner Fish said in Council. "It will focus on equity and bring access to safe and family-friendly bikeways" to everyone.


The plan's benefits are far-reaching, the Commissioner noted. "Hospitals have been big boosters of this plan because of the health impacts. Healthier workers are a big benefit to employers throughout the city. It also has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of transportation to families, which adds discretionary income they can spend on things other than gas and cars. The impact local businesses could be quite dramatic."


Thanks to flickr user Mark Stosberg for the photo of a downtown bike corral

On bikeportland.org, Jonathan Maus quotes the Commissioner: "I can't thinkof a process that has been more inclusive...credit goes to the Mayor."


For the Commissioner's full statement, click here.