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Portland Audubon Society wins Outstanding Volunteer Group Award - December 9, 2009

Nick will present the Audubon Society with the Outstanding Volunteer Group Award at this morning's Philanthropy Awards Luncheon presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Audubon has a lot to teach us about volunteer engagement. Their volunteer Council honors a clear set of values - stewardship of the natural world; making a difference in our community; and having fun - to help over 200 volunteers support the Audubon Society. Audubon volunteers give tours, teach Portlanders about our native wildlife and their habitats, and maintain trails and facilities.


We are all linked in our urban ecosystem. The health of birds and other fauna is an important indicator of our own quality of life - they are quite literally the canary in our urban coal mine. By focusing on bird habitat, Audubon is working to make our ecosystem, and us, healthier.



Hazel the Spotted Owl