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"We have to find a way to share our precious resource" - November 4, 2009

Jonathan Maus, Editor-in-Chief of bikeportland.org, sat down with Nick last week to talk about off-road biking possibilities in Portland, specifically in Forest Park.


Since late August, Nick has overseen the Forest Park Single Track Advisory Committee. Using the Forest Park Natural Resource Management Plan as a guide, the Committee will develop recommendations to balance the growing demand for off-road cycling options with the park's other user groups.


The Committee, made up of walkers, bikers, hikers, joggers, and representatives of a wide variety of other user groups, hopes to have a plan outlined by late Spring.


Nick and Parks Bureau Director Zari Santner have urged the Committee to look at both long-term and short-term options so that some recommendations can be implemented in time for next summer.


Creating off-road biking opportunities is a priority for Nick, who told Jonathan that though "we're a 'Platinum' city, the one area where we have a weakness is off-road cycling...we're doing really well as a bicycle town but this is an area where we need to do better."



Thanks to bikeportland.org for the photo!

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