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See Portland on the 4T Trail - September 21, 2009

On Saturday, Nick joined two dozen outdoor enthusiasts to launch the 4T Trail (Trail, Tram, Trolley, and Train). The route links up Portland's diverse modes of public transportation with a hike through Council Crest and the Southwest Hills. The entire loop can be completed in under three hours, but detours through downtown or the Oregon Zoo are easy to plan.


SW Trails Chair and 4T Project Manager Don Baack developed the idea two years with his son Eric, as a way to package trails and transport for guide books.


As the Oregonian notes, "The loop's cheap. The trail is free, and so is the tram ride from OHSU to the waterfront. A two-hour TriMet pass for the trolley and train portions of the route is $2, an all-day pass $4.75." Read the full article from the Oregonian here.