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Neighbors step up to repair Earl Boyles Community Garden after vandals strike - August 18, 2009

Community gardens across Portland are thriving this summer - mostly.


The Hazelwood Community Garden at NE 117th and Holladay, recently profiled by David Ashton in the Easy Portland News, hosts gardeners like manager Richard Larson, Samantha Dulude, and Gordon MacDonald, who are preparing to harvest crops ranging from carrots and peas to cantaloupes and flowers.


In its second year, Hazelwood Garden's 30 plots help families feed themselves and contribute to the "Food For the People" and "Shepherd's Door" programs, which provide fresh produce to those who otherwise couldn't afford it.


The Earl Boyles Community Garden, at SE 110th and Francis, hasn't fared as well. For the fifth time this season, the Oregonian reports, vandals have ransacked the garden, leaving gardeners who have spent the summer tending their crops with nothing to harvest.


The Commissioner has organized a "Speak Out, Clean Up" event this coming Saturday, August 22, at 10:00 a.m. "It's important for neighbors and friends of our Community Gardens to come out and show that vandals are not in control," Nick said.


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