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Portland Children's Levy

Program Website: Portland Children's Levy

Program Mission: The Portland Children's Levy was

created by the voter-approved Children's Levy, estimated to generate approximately $13 million annually to support scores of programs around the city for children from birth through high school. Each year, programs funded through CHIF better the lives of 16,000 of Portland's neediest children and their families and:

  • Provide early childhood education and intervention, parenting education and access to immunizations and health screenings so children enter kindergarten ready to succeed.
  • Offer safe and constructive after-school and mentoring programs to promote academic achievement, provide role models and increase children's engagement in school.
  • Provide child abuse prevention and intervention services to reach children affected by family violence, parental drug and alcohol use, and homelessness and to support families most at risk for abuse and neglect.
  • Improve the lives of children in foster care.

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