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City of Portland Monthly Cultural Celebrations


In 2001, the Diversity Development/Affirmative Action (DD/AA) Office proposed an action for Monthly Cultural Celebrations.  Each month of the year has been designated as a month to celebrate a cultural group in theUnited States.  In 2004, the City Diversity Development Coordinating Committee (CDDCC) assumed responsibility for the cultural celebration events. The CDDCC has now transitioned as the Citywide Equity Committee (CEC), facilitated by the Office of Equity and Human Rights (OEHR).


The Diverse and Empowered Employees of Portland (DEEP), an employee-driven group and a member of the CEC, work closely with the Office of Equity and Human Rights and the DD/AA Office.  DEEP has volunteered to assume the responsibility and add support to the DD/AA office and OEHR by coordinating and tracking the monthly cultural celebrations.  These events and this action fit the mission of DEEP. 


To assist the City of Portland in creating and enhancing a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of the City’s diverse workforce.  DEEP is committed to working to support the City of Portland’s interest in attracting, developing, and sustaining a diverse workforce committed to quality public service.


Since DEEP has been formed and approved by City Council in June 2007, they have formed and monitored at least 10 different Affinity Groups, brought in dozens of renowned speakers on different cultural topics, and sponsored and assisted with funding of many City cultural events.  DEEP is formalizing and streamlining what they have already been doing for the past five years.

 PLEASE NOTE: there are opportunities for multiple bureaus, groups and individual employees to become involved.  The time you spend working on the events, attending meetings, etc., is on a volunteer basis only; unless you receive specific permission from your Bureau director or supervisor. 


If your bureau or group is interested in co-sponsoring/organzing a cultural celebration, submit your request through DEEP.  It is recommended that requests be made at least 3 months in advance  of the cultural celebration month.  However, sponsorship and participation in cultural celebrations is an important tool in building community and cross-cultural understanding and should be a consideration in bureau diversity and equity development initiatives.  Sponsorships/organizing groups can change year-to-year.


Please contact DEEP if you are interested in participating in the organization of, collaboration, sponsorship or even have ideas on what should be celebrated.


Month Cultural Celebration Involvement
January Lunar New Year and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day DEEP (Gather at the table) -2013 
February Black History Month Black History Month committee (2013)
March Women's History Month WAG, PBOT, BTS Diversity Committee and misc. city employees (2013)

Women's Affinity Group and PDX City Mamas Affinity Group (2012)
April Multi-Cultural Communication Month  
May Asian Pacific Heritage Month FACE, OEHR, and DEEP (2013)
June LGBTQ2 Pride Month (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Questioning)

DEEP and LGBTQ & Friends Affinity Group (2013)

LGBTQ & Friends Affinity Group and PBOT (2012)

July Independence Day Celebration  
August Celebrating Culture Through Food:  Cook-Off  
September Hispanic Heritage Month and Racial Equality Week  
October Disability Employment Awareness Month

OEHR, DEEP and other employees (2013)

DEEP (2012)

November American Indian Heritage Month

BES and multiple city employees (2013)

BES (2012)

December Human Rights Day

DEEP (2012) -- KWANZAA
Water Bureau (2012) 


Please contact Debbie Caselton at 503-823-2831 or deep@portlandoregon.gov for more information, questions, comments, etc.