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Veterans Need YOU
Community Drive for Household Items

EXTENDED to July 31: Our community’s veterans need YOU
to show you care with a Veterans Welcome Home move-in kit
Go to Portland Housing Bureau Blog for more info.



To honor and support our military veterans who have served our country to protect the freedoms we have today.  Establish a network of individuals to advocate, mentor and provide veterans assistance.  Our group will promote a positive image of the City of Portland and recognize those who reach out to our veterans. 



This group is open to all City of Portland employees who would like to support the contributions made by our military veterans.  Members must support the Veterans Empowerment Team Mission and interact with one another in a respectable manner.  The VET Group will adhere to the bylaws and guidelines as set forth by DEEP.  Current and former members of the armed forces are highly encouraged to join.



















Contact Bill Goforth at 503-823-4559 or Bill.Goforth@portlandoregon.gov for more information.



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