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FAASHN is currently seeking new leadership.  Please contact DEEP at deep@portlandoregon.gov


Name of Affinity Group:

The Freethinker/Atheist and Agnostic/Secular Humanist/Naturalist (FAASHN pronounced like fashion)


Shared interest or dimension:

Members of FAASHN share the disbelief of the existence of supernatural entities, forces, or effects.


Mission Statement:

The Freethinker/Atheist and Agnostic/Secular Humanist/Naturalist (FAASHN) Affinity Group's mission is to promote the acceptance of people who do not believe in the existence of supernatural entities, forces or effects as full partners in the City's workforce.  The FAASHN group would offer mutual support for those with similar views but all are welcome to come and learn.


Group Policy:


Meet at least every 2 months, with notes taken at every meeting. Major decisions will be made by consensus if possible, by 2/3 supermajority if not, while minor decisions will be made by the two co-chairs.  Meeting notes and summaries will be emailed to all members after meetings.  Members are to be respectful of each other’s views and opinions and always to follow HR 2.02 guidelines. 




List of Goals:

  • Provide a network to promote professional development and advancement
  • Provide peer support and communication of concerns among its members
  • Discourage stereotyping and promote a positive work environment
  • Educate fellow City of Portland employees on the contributions of people of FAASHN orientation to society
  • Work with other affinity groups to address broader organizational and community concernsS

A list of community events:

  • Volunteering with REACH Community Development

  • A series of brown-bag lunch events with videos about FAASHN oriented people and their accomplishments

  • Sponsor annual celebrations of Darwin Day and the National Day of Reason

Click here for a list of some Famous FAASHN people