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Diverse and Empowered Employees of Portland (DEEP) was developed by City employees for City employees as a way to enhance the City work experience through networking, resource, and professional development and support.


DEEP is dedicated to enhancing a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of the City of Portland’s diverse workforce that is committed to quality public service.

Program Goals
The goal of DEEP is to support the Mayor’s Office in creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.  DEEP will be establishing mentoring and networking opportunities for all City employees.  Some of the goals that DEEP will strive to implement will be:
  • Mentoring
  • Resources
  • Assistance with diversity events
  • Peer support on an individual or affinity group basis
  • Interview panel resources
  • Retention & recruitment strategies
Affinity Group Objectives
The affinity groups should share numerous objectives:
  • To provide a network of employees to promote professional development and advancement; to foster mentor relationships;
  • To encourage all employees to value their respective groups’ uniqueness and contribution to the City;
  • To discourage stereotyping;
  • To promote a positive work environment;
  • To bring to the attention of top management the concerns of their respective groups;
  • To work with other entities to address broader organizational and community concerns. 
Contact Us

Email:  deep@portlandoregon.gov

Phone:  503-823-2831 (Debbie Caselton, Chair)


Twitter:  @DEEPortland


 DEEP is supported by the Office of Equity and Human Rights


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