Streets - ArcSDE version
1.1 Citation
Originator Metro Data Resource Center
Publication date 1988
Title Streets
1.2 Description
Abstract Regional street network with geocodable addresses.  Each street segment has all address components for address matching.  Streets are categorized by type for cartographic purposes.  A separate annotation layer is available. These streets and address range information is used by 911 centers for dispatch information.  Since the accuracy of this information is important for emergency dispatch, they provide updates on a regular basis.  Virtually every street in the region is on this map.
Purpose For locating street addresses and for cartographic products requiring a street base map.
Supplemental information
1.3 Time period of content Current
Last Dataset Update Date
1.4 Status
Progress Complete
Maintenance/Update Frequency Quarterly
1.5 Spatial domain
Description Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon
West bounding coordinate -123.47121656
East bounding coordinate -121.65053671
North bounding coordinate 45.82618832
South bounding coordinate 44.85462409
1.6 Keywords
Theme keyword thesaurus None
Theme keyword Streets, roads, transportation, all streets, detailed streets, geocode, address range
Place keyword thesaurus None
Place keyword Portland, Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Oregon
1.7 Access Constraints None
1.8 Use Constraints These data are sold under the agreement that the user may use the data in its business activity and for no other purpose whatsoever.
User shall not allow access to the data by any other person or organization, unless authorized in writing by the Metro DRC or,
if the other party is a contractor providing services to a government requiring usage of the data in order to provide contractual services.<br>
User shall not duplicate the data except for the following:<br>
(1) User may make one backup copy of the data, and<br>
(2) User may translate the data into other formats and/or media.<br>
For full product purchase agreement that accompanies these data, please see
1.10 Browse graphic
Browse graphic file name street.gif
Browse graphic file description Streets and rivers.
Browse graphic file type GIF
1.13 Native data set environment Software/hardware: ArcInfo 8.2 on NT workstation.<br>
ArcSDE 8.2 on Compaq Alpha 4100.  Tru64 5.0 OS.
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2.4 Horizontal positional accuracy

The street linework is contained within the street rights-of-way as shown on the tax lot layer.  As the tax lot horizonal accuracy is improved, streets are adjusted accordingly.  <a href="">Taxlot metadata</a>
2.5 Lineage
Process step
Process description Acquired street linework and annotation from Oregon Department of Transportation.  This was digitized from 7 1/2 minutes USGS quad sheets.
Process date 1988
Process step
Process description Replaced linework with newly digitized line work which "fell within" the street rights-of-way from the tax lot layer.  Attributes were transfered from the U.S. Census Bureau TIGER file.  Street names and address ranges were updated using paper maps collected from the three counties.  Thomas Brothers Mapping was the primary contractor.
Process date 1991
Process step
Process description We deleted types 1600, 1900, 2100, 2200, 3100, 3210, 3220. Streets are no longer shown on the Clark County side of the river. Contact Clark County for detailed street information.
Process date 199804
Process step
Process description This layer was reprojected to the NAD83/91 projection (also known as HPGN) as part of a conversion of all RLIS map layers.
Process date 199807
Process step
Process description Projection information (.prj file), compatible with ArcGIS 8.1, was added to the layer.
Process date 20010715
Process step
Process description Add XML metadata compatible with ArcCatalog 8.1
Process date 20011031
Process step
Process description QC street name, addresse, city and zipcodes using E-911 CAD materials for Clackamas County (complete 20020901) and Washington County (complete 20021031).
Process date 20021031
Process step
Process description Hillsboro streets positional accuracy was improved. Streets were snapped to local planimetric data with a +/- 1' tolerance. The City of Hillsboro now maintains their subarea and supplies the data to Metro on a weekly basis.
Process date 20031024
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3.2 Direct spatial reference method Vector
3.3 Point and vector object information
SDTS point and vector object type Line
Point and vector object count
3.4 Raster object information
Raster object type NA
Row count
Column count
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4.1 Horizontal Coordinate System
Grid coordinate system name State plane coordinate system 1983.
SPCS zone identifier 5076
Planar distance units International feet
Horizontal datum name North American Datum of 1983/1991 (HPGN)
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5.2 Overview description Related data files and field descriptions follow:
Table Name Column Name Column Type Column Width Sample Domain Value Definition
-- -- -- -- Description of the street segment attributes
Length -- Length of street segment in feet.
Localid -- Unique segment identifier.
Zero -- Indicates address range contains a leading zero.
0 no leading zero
1 contains leading zero (only in Dunthorpe)
Prefix -- Street prefix
N North
S South
E East
W West
NE Northeast
NW Northwest
SE Southeast
SW Southwest
Streetname -- Street name.
Ftype -- Street feature type (Ave, Blvd, St, etc.).
Direction -- Street/traffic direction type.
NB north bound
SB south bound
EB east bound
WB west bound
Leftadd1 -- Beginning of address range on left side of street.
Leftadd2 -- End of address range on left side of street.
Rgtadd1 -- Beginning of address range on right side of street.
Rgtadd2 -- End of address range on left side of street.
Type -- Street classification.
1110 Freeway
1120 Ramps; interchanges & feeders
1121 On-ramp (only)
1122 Off-ramp (only)
1123 On- and off-ramp (combination)
1200 Highway
1221 On ramp (only) to highway (in the area maintained by the City of Portland only)
1222 Off ramp (only) to highway (in the area maintained by the City of Portland only)
1223 On/Off ramp to highway (in the area maintained by the City of Portland only)
1300 Primary arterial
1400 Secondary arterial
1450 Other arterial
1500 Minor streets
1700 Private named road; private right-of-way exists
1740 Private street with valid address range and street name (in the area maintained by the City of Portland only)
1750 Private named road; no private right-of-way exists
1800 Unnamed driveway; private right-of-way exists
1850 Unnamed driveway; no private right-of-way exists
2000 Unimproved road, passable by emergency vehicles (e-911) only (in the area maintained by the City of Portland only)
3200 Path
5101 Freeway with rapid transit
5201 Highway with rapid transit
5301 Primary arterial with rapid transit
5401 Secondary with rapid transit
5500 Minor with railroad
5501 Minor with rapid transit
8224 Unknown type (only in Yamhill County)
Lcity -- City on left side of street.
Rcity -- City on right side of street.
Leftzip -- ZIP code on left side of street.
Rightzip -- ZIP code on right side of street.
Lcounty -- County on left side of Street.
Rcounty -- County on right side of Street.
Up_date -- Date street segment last revised.
Cr_date -- Creation date for street segment.
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6.1 Distributor
Contact organization Metro Data Resource Center
Address 600 NE Grand Ave.
City Portland
State or province OR
Postal code 97232
Contact voice telephone 503 797-1742
Contact facsimile telephone 503 797-1909
Contact electronic mail address
6.3 Distribution liability The information in this file was derived from digital databases on Metro's GIS. Care was taken in the creation of this file.  Metro cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy.  There are no warranties, expressed or implied.
6.4 Standard order process
Digital transfer information
Format name Shapefile - Hourly fee will be charged for conversion
Transfer size
Digital transfer options:
Online option
Network resource name
Access instructions Metro can place data on its FTP site on request.  In most cases, a fee for the data will be charged.  Call 503 797-1742 or email for instructions.
Offline option
Offline media CD-ROM
Recording format ISO9660 (DOS, Unix, or Macintosh)
Fees See RLIS a la carte at
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7.1 Metadata date 20010715
7.4 Metadata contact
Contact person Minott Kerr
Contact voice telephone 503 797-1679
Contact facsimile telephone 503 797-1909
Contact electronic mail address
7.5 Metadata standard name FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
7.6 Metadata standard version 19940608
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