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Audit Reports

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2014 Reports


Portland Streetcar: City transit targets unmet, better performance management needed (Report 451B) - 12/11/14 (PDF Document, 957kb) An audit of Portland Streetcar's performance management

Bureau of Technology Services: City fails to comply with payment card industry standard (Report 460A) - 11/18/14 (PDF Document, 332kb) An audit of the Bureau of Technology Services, and the security of payment card services

City of Portland 24th annual community survey results (Report 463) - 10/29/14 (PDF Document, 409kb) The 2014 results of the annual Community Survey of Portland residents

B.E.S. Columbia Building: Scope additions and ineffective design oversight led to substantially higher project costs (Report 446B) - 10/22/14 (PDF Document, 1,769kb) An audit of design, construction and costs of the Columbia Building at the Portland Wastewater Treatment Plant campus

Audit of the Auditor - 2014 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 456) - 10/2/14 (PDF Document, 1,282kb) Peer Review of the Audit Services Division's work over the past three years

East Portland: History of City services examined (Report 435) - 4/23/14 (PDF Document, 2,177kb) An audit of East Portland services

Building Permits: Extension practices inconsistent; documentation lacking (Report 420B) - 4/3/14 (PDF Document, 1,078kb) An audit of building permit practices in the Bureau of Development Services

Sexual Assault Response: Progress made toward a victim-centered approach (Report 445) - 2/25/14 (PDF Document, 940kb) An audit of the City's process for responding to victims of sexual assault