POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Divisions Audit Services Audit Reports 2013 Reports
An audit of City transportation revenues and expenditures

An audit of street pavement condition

An audit to assess the current-day relevancy of the City's Urban Services Policy and Multnomah County's Resolution A

An audit of the PSSRP program costs, schedule and governance

An audit of PDC's records management systems

An audit of the City's fiscal sustainability and financial condition

An audit of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

And audit highlighting risk areas for City Council to address

An audit of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC)

An audit of the Portland Parks and Recreation maintenance program

An audit of commercial and residential inspections in the Bureau of Development Services

An audit of the City's implementation of HCM software within the SAP business system

The 2013 results of the annual Community Survey of Portland residents
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