POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Divisions Audit Services Audit Reports 2012 Reports
An audit of Portland Fire & Rescue's use of overtime and call-shifts

An audit of Residential Solid Waste rates in the City of Portland

A brief summary of the audit on Portland Water Bureau's asset management

An audit of asset management in the Water Bureau

An audit of risk areas in the Portland Housing Bureau

An audit of the Police Bureau's efforts to improve operations through experience and external reviews

An audit of the City's use of its owned and leased downtown office space

An audit of Portland Development Commission economic development loans

A diagnostic review of financial transactions

An audit of the turnaround time in DNA testing for Portland Police investigations

A brief snapshot of the status of City finances, strengths and challenges

An audit of the City's debt reserves

An analysis of over 12 million financial transactions in the City

The 2012 results of the annual Community Survey of Portland residents

An audit of the Portland Development Commission economic development indicators
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