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IPR Quarterly, Fall 2005 (PDF Document, 47kb)

IPR Quarterly, Winter 2006 (PDF Document, 61kb)

IPR Quarterly, Spring 2006 (PDF Document, 52kb)

IPR Quarterly Summer 2006 (PDF Document, 177kb)
Includes statistical report and examples of complaints and commendations received and IPR and CRC activities for the quarter, articles on IPR review of IAD investigations, CRC recruitment, and PPB racial stop data.

IPR Quarterly, Fall 2006 (PDF Document, 73kb)
Includes oversight report: report for second quarter 2006, second quarter case descriptions; and information on: improving disparate treatment handling, new task force, appeals to the CRC, CRC workgroups, and Oregon Law (OLC) speaker.

IPR Quarterly, Fall 2007 (PDF Document, 47kb)

IPR Quarterly, Summer 2007 (PDF Document, 69kb)

IPR Quarterly, Spring 2007 (PDF Document, 59kb)

IPR Quarterly, Winter 2007 (PDF Document, 50kb)

This report covers the two calendar quarters from October 1, 2007 through March 31, 2008.

IPR Quarterly, First Quarter, 2012 (PDF Document, 2,021kb)

IPR Quarterly, Third Quarter, 2012 (PDF Document, 1,202kb)
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