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Audit Reports

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2010 Reports 


Sewer Maintenance: BES and PBOT maintain the system together, but should consider operational changes (Report 365) – 12/16/10 (PDF Document, 934kb) An audit of the agreement between BES and PBOT for PBOT employees to provide sewer maintenance

City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2009-10 (Report 400) – 12/2/10 (PDF Document, 229kb) 20th Annual Report on City Government Performance

Police Taser Use: Incidents generally resolved, but some practices and policies could be improved (Report 386) – 11/18/10 (PDF Document, 294kb) An audit of police policies and practices regarding Taser use

Business System Software Implementation: Expensive, late, and incomplete (Report 392) – 11/9/10 (PDF Document, 510kb) An audit of the City's new business system software implementation

City of Portland 20th Annual Community Survey Results (Report 395) – 11/4/10 (PDF Document, 406kb) The 2010 results of the annual community survey of Portland residents

Facilities Services: Project management practices improved (Report 394) – 9/29/10 (PDF Document, 263kb) An audit following up on our 2008 audit of Facilities Services construction contracting

Portland Fire & Rescue: Emergency response time goal not met, though PF&R strives for excellence (Report 366) – 7/7/10 (PDF Document, 1,938kb) An audit of emergency response time of Portland Fire & Rescue

Portland job creation and stimulus: Construction spending is up, while actual job creation remains unknown (Report 388) – 6/28/10 (PDF Document, 396kb) An audit of Portland's local stimulus efforts

Emergency Management: Coordination limited and essential functions incomplete (Report 389) – 5/24/10 (PDF Document, 478kb) An audit of the Portland Office of Emergency Management

Portland Police Bureau: Drug training aid procedures strengthened, recently improved practices should continue (Report 391) – 5/20/10 (PDF Document, 424kb) An audit of the Police Bureau's use of training aids with drug detection dogs

Sheltered Market Program: Need for clearer focus and stronger management (Report 379) – 1/6/10 (PDF Document, 725kb) An audit of the City's Sheltered Market program

Audit Services Division Brochure (2010) (PDF Document, 114kb) A downloadable and printable brochure about the Audit Services Division

Annual Audit Schedule: 2010-11 (6/30/10) (PDF Document, 84kb)