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Audit Reports

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2009 Reports 


City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments : 2008-09 (Report 380B) – 12/3/09 (PDF Document, 261kb) The nineteenth annual report on City government performance

City of Portland 2009 Resident Survey Results (Report 380A) – 11/12/09 (PDF Document, 433kb) Results of the annual community survey of Portland residents

Federal Stimulus: Portland well-positioned to receive funds and meet requirements (Report 387) – 9/10/09 (PDF Document, 446kb) An audit of Portland's readiness to receive federal stimulus funds

Fraud Reporting: Clarification of process and training needed (Report 374) – 9/9/09 (PDF Document, 669kb) An audit of the City's fraud reporting process

Clean Air: City enforces parking laws to improve air quality (Report 381) – 8/27/09 (PDF Document, 493kb) An audit of City parking enforcement efforts to also enforce vehicle registration

PDC Contracting Follow-up: Contracting concerns addressed through a centralized procurement structure (Report 377) – 6/25/09 (PDF Document, 411kb) A follow-up on recommendations in a 2005 consultant report of PDC contracting activities

Public Works Supervisor Overtime: Most recommendations implemented but confusion about revised rule persists (Report 369B – 6/10/09 (PDF Document, 958kb) An audit of public works supervisors' use of overtime and the administrative rule that covers it

Utility and Franchise Revenue: Equitable tax and consistent approach needed to improve collections (Report 375) – 5/11/09 (PDF Document, 571kb) An audit of revenue collection practices in the Revenue Bureau and the Office of Cable Communication and Franchise Management

Overtime Management: Significant City expenditures lack policies and safeguards (Report 369A) – 4/22/09 (PDF Document, 2,184kb) An audit of overtime and comp time management and policies

Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1999-2008 (Report 372) – 4/8/09 (PDF Document, 179kb) A biennual check-up on the City's financial condition

Transition Report: Key challenges for a new City Council (Report 376) – 2/25/09 (PDF Document, 339kb) A report highlighting key challenges facing the City, past audit recommendations, and suggestions for moving forward

Five-Year Parks Levy: Facilities and services enhanced, but ballot title misleading (Report 371) – 2/3/09 (PDF Document, 482kb) An audit of the recent five-year property tax levy to support parks services and maintenance