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Audit Reports

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2008 Reports 


City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2007-08 (Report 360) – 12/9/08 (PDF Document, 485kb) Eighteenth annual report on City government performance

2008 Resident Survey (Report 360) – 12/9/08 (PDF Document, 1,076kb) Results of the 2008 Resident Survey

2008 Resident Survey Methodology (Report 360) – 12/9/08 (PDF Document, 1,076kb) Results of the 2008 Resident Survey

2008 Business Survey (Report 360) – 12/9/08 (PDF Document, 1,076kb) Results of the 2008 Business Survey

2008 Business Survey Methodology (Report 360) – 12/9/08 (PDF Document, 1,076kb) Results of the 2008 Business Survey

Portland Fire & Rescue: Controlled substances monitoring falls short of requirements (Report 364) – 10/8/08 (PDF Document, 445kb) An audit of controlled substances storage on Fire emergency vehicles

Portland Development Commission: Developers comply with Disposition and Development Agreements, but PDC does not monitor adequately (Report 358) – 9/24/08 (PDF Document, 939kb) An audit of PDC Disposition and Development Agreements, and PDC monitoring of DDAs

Audit of the Auditor - 2008 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 368) – 8/28/08 (PDF Document, 230kb) The Audit Services Division passes its sixth consecutive peer review, conducted every three years by a group of outside audit professionals

Street Paving: Office of Transportation improved quality assurance, but is resurfacing fewer streets (Report 359) – 8/26/08 (PDF Document, 1,942kb) A follow-up audit on recommendations contained in four 2006 audit reports on street paving

Downtown SmartMeters: Most goals met, but cost-benefits and reliability need further review (Report 352B) – 7/31/08 (PDF Document, 974kb) An audit of the cost-benefits of Portland's SmartMeters, and a look at the proposed sale of the meters and a lease-back proposal

Housing Tax Abatements: Oversight inadequate to ensure program goals (Report 362) – 7/28/08) (PDF Document, 2,155kb) An audit of housing programs and tax abatements in the Portland Development Commission and the Bureau of Planning. 2008 Silver Knighton Award Winner for Best Audit from the Association of Local Government Auditors.

Office of Neighborhood Involvement: Clearer goals and more comprehensive measures needed to improve accountability (Report 363) – 6/12/08 (PDF Document, 459kb) An audit of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement's performance measures

Public Participation in Capital Projects: Bureau processes align with best practices, but should be formalized and available to residents (Report 347) – 3/18/08 (PDF Document, 482kb) An audit of public participation in the capital project process

Mandatory Supervisory Training: Not cost-effective and should be streamlined (Report 354) – 3/14/08 (PDF Document, 426kb) An audit of City-required supervisory training

Police Overtime: Most recommendations implemented, but more could be done (Report 361) – 2/15/08 (PDF Document, 396kb) An audit of Police overtime, and the status of recommendations from an earlier audit

Construction Contracts: Bureau of Environmental Services strengthened its contract management procedures (Report 348B) – 2/12/08 (PDF Document, 331kb) An audit of the Bureau of Environmental Services' construction contracts

Construction Contracts: Facilities Services needs to improve coordination with bureaus to reduce costs and delays (Report 348A) – 1/6/08 (PDF Document, 582kb) An audit of Facilities Services' construction-related contracts