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Audit Reports

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2007 Reports 


City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2006-07 (Report 340) – 12 /4/07 (PDF Document, 1,247kb) Seventeenth Annual Report on City Government Performance

2007 Resident Survey (Report 340) – 12/4/07 (PDF Document) Results of the 2007 Resident Survey

2007 Resident Survey Methodology (Report 340) – 12/4/07 (PDF Document) Methodology of the 2007 Business Survey

2007 Business Survey (Report 340) – 12/4/07 (PDF Document) Results of the 2007 Business Survey

2007 Business Survey Methodology (Report 340) – 12/4/07 (PDF Document) Methodology of the 2007 Business Survey

Downtown Parking Meters: Meters and pay stations are working, but certain transactions can be challenging (Report 352A) – 10/30/07 (PDF Document, 1,076kb) An audit of how Portland's parking meters and pay stations are working

City Computers: Computers found with difficulty, tracking systems need to be improved (Report 350) – 10/16/07 (PDF Document, 400kb) An audit of the City's computer tracking systems

City Recruitment Process: Monitoring needed to ensure balance of flexibility and fairness (Report 356 – 10/10/07 (PDF Document, 452kb) An audit of the City's temporary appointments and limited recruitments

Ending Homelessness: Many short-term goals met; now long-term success should be defined (Report 336) – 8/27/07 (PDF Document, 461kb) An audit of the City's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

Portland Parks Facility Maintenance: Tracking, assessment and measurement have improved (Report 353) – 7/31/07 (PDF Document, 401kb) An audit of Parks facility maintenance, and implementation of recommendations from a 2000 audit

Portland Parks and Recreation Follow-up: New softball contract allows Parks to develop competitive request for proposals (Report 355) – 7/9/07 (PDF Document, 280kb) A follow-up audit of the Park Bureau's contract with the Portland Metro Softball Association (PMSA)

Strategic Sourcing: Projected savings not achieved -- program poorly implemented (Report 349) – 7/3/07 (PDF Document, 394kb) An audit of the City's strategic sourcing, a cost-saving initiative started in 2004

Sexual Assault and Investigation: Portland efforts fall short of a victim-centered approach (Report 342) – 6/19/07 (PDF Document, 1,642kb) 2007 Gold Knighton Award Winner for Best Audit from the National Association of Local Government Auditors. .An audit of Portland's efforts to assist sexual assault victims and help solve sexual assault cases

Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1997-2006 (Report 326) – 4/27/07 (PDF Document, 503kb) An audit of Portland's financial condition, and financial trends over the past 10 years

Pandemic Flu Planning: City bureaus aware of national plans (Report 345) – 3/6/07 (PDF Document, 313kb) An audit of the City’s awareness of national strategy for dealing with a pandemic flu outbreak