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2006 Reports 


City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2005-06 (Report 330) – 12/18/06 (PDF Document, 2,767kb) Sixteenth Annual Report on City Government Performance, including results of the 2006 resident and business surveys

Revenue Bureau License and Tax Division: Program makes significant progress since last audit (Report 337) – 11/28/06 (PDF Document, 327kb) A follow-up audit of the License and Tax Division of the Revenue Bureau

Public Works Supervisor Overtime: City Rules allowing overtime need clarification (Report 335) – 10/17/06 (PDF Document, 675kb) An audit of City rules and practice of paying overtime to Public Works Supervisors when they supervise overtime crews

Fire Station Bond Program: Citizen oversight in place and spending matches voter intent (Report 338) 10/16/06 (PDF Document, 395kb) An audit of the Fire General Obligation Bond program approved by voters in 1998

Street Paving: City work not meeting pavement quality standards (Report 324D) – 10/6/06 (PDF Document, 425kb) An audit of pavement quality in Portland's street preservation program

Street Paving: Current contract management practices put asphalt price and supply stability at risk (Report 324C) 9/27/06 (PDF Document, 446kb) An audit of asphalt supply contracts in the City's street preservation program

Financial Transaction Review: Few results identified for further study (Report 334) – 8/10/06 (PDF Document, 459kb) A contracted report by Talbot, Korvola & Warwick, LLP analyzing City financial transactions

Street Paving: More proactive maintenance could preserve additional city streets within existing funding (Report 324B) – 7/24/06 (PDF Document, 863kb) 2006 Silver Knighton Award Winner for Best Audit from the National Association of Local Government Auditors. An audit of funding for the City's paving and street preservation program

Bureau of Technology Services: Customers see improved service, but improved communication would help (Report 314C) – 7/6/06 (PDF Document, 358kb) An audit of the City's Bureau of Technology Services' internal customer service function

Portland Development Commission: Economic development efforts effective, but improvements needed to measure and manage future success (Report 322) – 6/6/06 (PDF Document, 1,025kb) An audit of the economic development efforts of the Portland Development Commission

Street Paving: City needs to demonstrate least cost (Report 324A) – 5/15/06 (PDF Document, 319kb) An audit of the City's paving program's compliance with the State's least cost statute

Partial Day Leave for Exempt Employees: Clarification would improve policy (Report 327) – 5/9/06 (PDF Document, 355kb) An audit of the City's partial day leave policy for non-represented FLSA exempt employees