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Audit Reports

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2005 Reports 


City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2004-05 (Report 320) – 11/29/05  (PDF Document, 1,759kb) Fifteenth Annual Report on City Government Performance -- Winner of the Certificate of Achievement in Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting from the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) -- Second consecutive award

Office of Government Relations: Expense documentation and approval process can be improved (Report 325) – 9/22/05 (PDF Document, 359kb) An audit of the Office of Government Relations' expense documentation and approval process

Portland Development Commission Internal Controls: Policies are in place, but authorizations and documentation are often lacking (Report 321) – 9/16/05 (PDF Document, 565kb) An audit of the Portland Development Commission's internal controls

Best Practices for Information Technology Governance (Report 314B) – 9/13/05 (PDF Document, 754kb) A report outlining 20 best practices that contribute to successful management of information technology resources.

Parks Bureau Softball: Operating agreement for the softball program should be revised as it nears self-sufficiency (Report 323) – 8/30/05 (PDF Document, 308kb) An audit of the softball program and contracts between the Portland Metropolitan Softball Association and the Portland Parks Bureau

Percent for Art Program: Financial allocation process is informal, inconsistent, and may not fulfill requirements for public art (Report 317) – 8/19/05 (PDF Document, 545kb) An audit of the City's Percent for Art program

Development Review Process: Bureau commitments to improve timeliness and efficiency have not been fully accomplished (Report 318) – 8/16/05 (PDF Document, 312kb) A follow-up audit on Development Services

Audit of the Auditor - 2005 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 315) – 7/28/05 (PDF Document, 264kb) A once every three years "audit of the auditor" conducted by the National Association of Local Government Auditors.

2004 Citizen Survey: Results from six targeted neighborhoods (Report 316) – 8/4/05 (PDF Document, 1,340kb) A report that details results of a citizen survey targeting six specific neighborhoods

Police Investigations: Improvements needed to address relatively low clearance rates (Report 312) – 7/29/05 (PDF Document, 1,090kb) 2005 Gold Knighton Award Winner for Best Audit from the National Association of Local Government Auditors. An audit of the Police Investigations unit.

I.T. Rate Methodology Reasonable But Charges Inadequately Explained (Report 314A) – 7/28/05 (PDF Document, 506kb) An audit of the rate methodology used to charge City bureaus for centrally provided I.T. services.

Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1995-2004 (Report 306) – 3/18/05 (PDF Document, 342kb) An audit of the financial condition of the City of Portland during the past 10 years.