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Audit Reports

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2004 Reports 


SUMMARY: Service Efforts and Accomplishments, 2003-04 (Report 310) – 12/1/04 (PDF Document, 171kb) A brief summary of the 14th Annual Service Efforts and Accomplishments report

Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2003-04 (Report 310) – 12/1/04 (PDF Document, 2,758kb) Fourteenth Annual Report on City Government Performance -- Winner of the Certificate of Achievement in Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting from the Association of Government Accountants (AGA)

SUMMARY: Portland's Water Distribution System (Report 299) – 8/23/04 (PDF Document, 819kb) A brief summary of the audit on Portland's Water Distribution System

Portland's Water Distribution System: Maintenance Program Needs Improvement (Report 299) – 8/23/04 (PDF Document, 1,207kb) Report from the City Auditor on the Portland Water Bureau's maintenance program

SUMMARY: Corporate Geographic Information Systems (Report 307) – 8/19/04 (PDF Document, 817kb) A brief summary of the audit of the City's Corporate Geographic Information Systems

Corporate Geographic Information Systems: A Review of Status and Accomplishments (Report 307) – 8/19/04 (PDF Document, 1,209kb) An audit of the City of Portland's Corporate Georgraphic Information Systems (CGIS).

SUMMARY: Bureau of Licenses (Report 305) – 4/16/04 (PDF Document, 114kb) A brief summary of the audit of the Bureau of Licenses.

Bureau of Licenses: Opportunities to Improve Revenue Collection & Strengthen Internal Controls (Report 305) – 4/16/04 (PDF Document, 903kb) The audit recommends improvements to internal controls, performance monitoring, and collection practices to collect about $3 million in additional taxes.