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2011 Reports


City of Portland 21st Annual Community Survey Results (Report 409) - 12/6/11 (PDF Document, 403kb) The 2011 results of the annual community survey of Portland residents

Audit of the Auditor - 2011 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 402) - 9/9/11 (PDF Document, 1,392kb) The Audit Services Division passes its seventh consecutive peer review, conducted every three years by a group of outside audit professionals

Span of Control: Although numbers are reported, bureaus lack organizational structure goals (Report 397) - 8/17/11 (PDF Document, 319kb) An audit of the City's supervisor-to-employee span of control ratios

Portland's Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Condition: Actions now can reduce risk of future problems (Report 399) - 7/28/11 (PDF Document, 1,381kb) An audit covering the City's financial condition and fiscal sustainability

Portland Center for the Performing Arts: Outsourced management good for the City, but agreements and oversight need improvement (Report 393) - 6/30/11 (PDF Document, 691kb) An audit of the management and oversight of City-owned performing arts facilities

Fire and Police Disability and Retirement: Improvements resulted from 2006 Charter reforms, but significant fiscal challenges remain (Report 408) - 6/22/11 (PDF Document, 317kb) An audit of changes to FPDR that resulted from the 2006 City Charter changes

Police Property Evidence Division: Internal controls and physical security strong; tracking system needs improvement (Report 403) - 4/4/11(PDF Document, 339kb)An audit of controls at Portland's Police Property Evidence Division

Spending utility ratepayer money: Not always linked to services, decision process inconsistent (Report 398) - 3/30/11(PDF Document, 807kb)An audit of the Bureau of Environmental Services' and Water Bureau's use of ratepayer money

Percent for Art: Progress made, but consistency can be improved (Report 401) - 2/17/11 (PDF Document, 1,287kb) An audit of the City's Percent for Art program, and a follow-up on recommendations made in 2005