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November 6, 2007 Special Election


Measure 26-93


Ballot Title Caption:  Amends Charter: Changes Fire and Police Disability members' medical benefits.

Resolution 36526 - Adopted by Council 8/8/07

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Exhibit B  - Ballot Title

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Measure approved by voters - Official Results




Caption: Amends Charter: Changes Fire and Police Disability members’ medical benefits.


Question: Shall police and firefighters receive medical benefits from disability system for work-related injuries after retiring from active duty?


Summary: This measure amends the City Charter for the Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund (FPDR). Sworn employees of the Police and Fire Bureaus are members of FPDR. The Charter provides that FPDR shall reimburse members for reasonable medical and hospital expenses arising from work-related injuries or illness. The Charter limits those benefits to expenses incurred while members are working or receiving disability benefits, and if members do not return to active duty and remain on disability until disability retirement age, FPDR reimburses members for medical expenses related to the injury for life. Currently, when members are injured and return to active duty, FPDR reimburses members for reasonable hospital and medical expenses related to the injury until their service retirement.


This measure removes the limitation on medical expense reimbursement after retirement. Members who return to work and retire will receive the same level of reimbursement as members who retire on disability.


The Charter amendment only applies to members who retire on or after January 1, 2007.



General Information


City Code Section 2.04.040provides that the City council may refer a measure to the ballot for the following reasons:

  • Charter Amendments which require a vote of the people;

  • to refer ordinances or resolutions to the voters, when Council wants a public vote for political reasons;

  • to pass money measures, such as a bond measure or operating levy;

  • or to ask a general question in an area in which Council would like the public’s input or advice.

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