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Lobbying Entity Regulation

2006 Second Quarter Reports

Lobbying Entity Quarterly Statements (view all)
- Certificates of Limited Expenditure
- City Club of Portland (PDF Document, 40kb)
- Community Development Network (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Friends of Burnside/Couch, Inc. (PDF Document, 38kb)
- Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland (PDF Document, 31kb)
- League of Women Voters of Portland (PDF Document, 47kb)
- -Lobbying Entity Quarterly Statements Filed (PDF Document, 39kb)
- Northwest Strategies Inc. (PDF Document, 31kb)
- OHSU (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Pacific Power (PDF Document, 43kb)
- Port of Portland (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Portland Business Alliance (PDF Document, 157kb)
- Portland General Electric Company (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Portland Metropolitan Area of Realtors (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Portland State University (PDF Document, 68kb)
- Portland Streetcar Citizens Advisory Committee (PDF Document, 36kb)
- Qwest (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships (PDF Document, 47kb)
- ROSE Community Development (PDF Document, 34kb)
- -Subjects of Lobbying (PDF Document, 31kb)
- Western States Petroleum Association (PDF Document, 35kb)

City Official Quarterly Statements (view all)
- David Gonzalez (At Will Staff for Comm Adams) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Dean Marriott (Director of Environmental Services) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Erik Sten (Commissioner) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Jeff Cogen (At will staff for Comm Saltzman) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Jesse Beason (At Will Staff for Comm Adams) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Maria Lynn Lim (At Will Staff for Comm Adams) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Matthew Grumm (At-will staff for Comm. Saltzman) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Paul Scarlett (Director of BDS) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Randy Leonard (Commissioner) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Rich Rogers (At Will Staff of Comm. Sten) (PDF Document, 32kb)
- Roland Chaplowski (At Will Staff for Comm Adams (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Sam Adams (Commissioner) (PDF Document, 33kb)
- Shannon Callahan (At will staff for Comm Saltzman) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Shawn Graff (Director of POEM) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Tom Miller (At Will Staff for Comm Adams) (PDF Document, 30kb)
- Warren Jimenez (Att Will Staff for Comm Adams) (PDF Document, 30kb)

Who are the Lobbyists? (view all)
List of lobbying entities & lobbyists registered with the City

- Who are the authorized Lobbyists? (PDF Document, 19kb)
- Who are the authorized lobbyists? (Excel) (41kb)
- Who are the Lobbying Entities? (PDF Document, 29kb)

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