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City Campaign Finance Fund
General Information (as applies to May 18, 2010 Primary Election):

The Campaign Finance Fund is a campaign finance reform measure that was created by City Ordinance No. 179258 to provide a voluntary campaign finance system for City Commissioner, Mayor, and Auditor elections.
Candidates may choose to participate in the system and receive public funds after qualification or they may choose to raise funds in a traditional manner. Candidates who choose to seek certification for public campaign financing by raising five-dollar Qualifying Contributions are referred to as "Participating Candidates." 
Once the Auditor determines a Candidate has met the qualification requirements, the Candidate becomes a "Certified Candidate" and is eligible to receive funds.  Certified Candidates have additional requirements that Nonparticipating (conventionally financed) Candidates do not because they are receiving public funds. Certified Candidates are personally responsible for all monies disbursed to them from the Campaign Finance Fund.
Election Dates
  • Primary Election - May 18, 2010
  • General Election - November 2, 2010
  • Any City Candidate who receives a majority of the votes cast for that office at the Primary Election will be elected.  If no Candidate receives a majority of votes cast, the top two Candidates will run off in the General Election.
City Offices on the Ballot
  • Position Number 2, Commissioner of Public Works (Incumbent Nick Fish)
  • Position Number 3, Commissioner of Public Affairs (Incumbent Dan Saltzman)
  • Auditor (Incumbent LaVonne Griffin-Valade)
Candidate Qualifications
  • Citizen of the United States and State of Oregon
  • Registered Voter in the City of Portland
  • Resident of the City of Portland since May 18, 2009
  • At the time of filing a declaration of candidacy, or a nominating petition for the office of Auditor, Candidates for City Auditor must be a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, or Certified Management Accountant and remain certified as such throughout the term of office, if elected.
Filing Period for City Office
  • 8:00 AM September 10, 2009 through 5:00 PM March 9, 2010
Withdrawal Deadline
  • March 12, 2010 at 5:00 PM (Filing Fee Refunded)
Where to File
  • Office of the City Auditor, City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue , Room 140
Voters’ Pamphlet
  • City of Portland Candidates may appear in the Multnomah, Washington and/or Clackamas County Voters’ Pamphlets.  Candidates must submit forms and pay a filing fee directly to the County elections offices.
State Campaign Finance Law
  • Candidates will be provided with a copy of the Campaign Finance Manual, which is also available online via the Secretary of State's website, www.sos.state.or.us/elections. All Candidates and treasurers are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of this manual.
  • Candidates are responsible for understanding and using the Secretary of State’s online campaign finance reporting system, ORESTAR.  Statements of organization are filed through ORESTAR, as are all contributions and expenditures. The Secretary of State, Elections Division, is available to answer user questions at (503) 986-1518 (Salem). 
  • Candidates interested in participating in the City's Campaign Finance Fund program should note that City provisions OVERLAY the State provisions.  They do not replace them.  Candidates are responsible for complying with City AND State Campaign Finance provisions.
Campaign Finance Fund
  • This voluntary program is governed by Code Chapter 2.10 and City Administrative Rules. City Code Chapter 2.10 and City Administrative Rules are available on the Auditor’s Office website.
Qualifying Period
  • For the May 18, 2010 Primary Election, the Qualifying Period begins September 10, 2009 and ends January 29, 2010.
  • A Declaration of Intent to Participate may be accepted by the Auditor only during the applicable Qualifying Period and must be filed before accepting Qualifying Contributions or Seed Money Contributions.
  • Once a Candidate has collected at least the minimum number of Qualifying Contributions, he or she may file a Request for Certification. 
  • The Request for Certification must be filed prior to the end of Qualifying Period.
  • Candidates seeking certification must participate in mandatory Campaign Finance Fund training conducted by the Auditor during the Qualifying Period.
Qualifying Contribution Requirement
  • To be eligible for certification, a Participating Candidate for Commissioner or Auditor must collect 1,000 verified $5.00 Qualifying Contributions from persons who are registered to vote in the City of Portland by the date the Candidate submits forms for the Request for Certification.
  • Qualifying Contributions must be $5.00 exactly in the form of cash, check or money order.
  • The contributor must acknowledge the contribution by signing a $5.00 Qualifying Contribution Receipt (AUD 210-Q) and provide their residence address and occupational information on the form.
  • The person receiving the Qualifying Contribution on behalf of the Candidate must also sign the Qualifying Contribution Receipt.
  • Qualifying Contribution Receipts are 3-part forms; the top copy (original) goes to the Auditor; the middle (yellow) copy goes to the candidate; and the bottom (pink) copy goes to the contributor.
Seed Money Restrictions
  • The Candidate may accept Seed Money Contributions of not more than $100 from any single source.  Seed Money may only be accepted during the Exploratory Period (5/28/2009) and the Qualifying Period (9/10/2009 - 1/29/2010)
  • The aggregate total of Seed Money for a participating Commissioner or Auditor candidate may not exceed $15,000. 
In-Kind Contributions
  • In addition to Qualifying Contributions and Seed Money Contributions, a Candidate seeking certification may accept In-Kind Contributions. 
  • The aggregate total of In-Kind Contributions during the Primary Election Period may not exceed $9,000 for a Commissioner or Auditor Certified Candidate.
  • The aggregate total of In-Kind Contributions during the General Election Period may not exceed $12,000 for a Commissioner or Auditor Certified Candidate.
Initial Allocation to Certified Candidates
  • A Certified Candidate for Commissioner or Auditor will be eligible to receive an initial allocation of $150,000 for their primary election campaign, less Qualifying Contributions and Seed Money Contributions.
Matching Funds
  • Certified Candidates who are outspent by Nonparticipating Candidates and/or independent expenditures may be eligible for matching funds. 
  • For the Primary Election, a maximum of $150,000 for each office of Commissioner and Auditor will be divided and distributed equally to eligible Certified Candidate.
  • For the General Election, a maximum of $200,000 for each office of Commissioner and Auditor will be divided and distributed equally to eligible Certified Candidates.

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