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2002 General Election

Committee for Safe & Successful Children (view all)
City PAC to Support Measure 26-33 (Children's Levy)

- 1st Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 1,273kb)
- 2nd Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 1,124kb)
- Post-Election C&E (PDF Document, 623kb)
- Amendment to Post-Election C&E (PDF Document, 112kb)

Cruz, Serena (Cruz for Council) (view all)
- 1st Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 552kb)
- 2nd Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 1,800kb)
- Post Election C&E (PDF Document, 945kb)

Leonard, Randy (Friends of Randy Leonard) (view all)
- 1st Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 3,362kb)
- 2nd Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 1,841kb)
- Post-Election C&E (PDF Document, 908kb)

Neighbors for Portland Parks (view all)
- 1st Pre Election C&E (PDF Document, 431kb)
- 2nd Pre Election C&E (PDF Document, 376kb)
- Post Election C&E (PDF Document, 473kb)

Saltzman, Dan (Friends of Saltzman) (view all)
- 1st Pre-Election (PDF Document, 104kb)
- 2nd Pre-Election (PDF Document, 94kb)
- Post Election (PDF Document, 65kb)

Sten, Erik (Friends of Sten) (view all)
- 1st Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 109kb)
- 2nd Pre-Election C&E (PDF Document, 107kb)
- Post Election C&E (PDF Document, 149kb)

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