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May 18, 2004 Primary - 1st Pre-Election C&E:

Summaries of Campaign Finance Reports for the 1st Pre-Election Contribution & Expenditure (C&E) Reports will be posted here as they are filed with the Auditor's Office.
The 1st Pre-Election Report is due no sooner than April 2 and no later than April 12, 2004.
Complete reports will be available for review in the Auditor's Office or may be ordered at 15 cents per page.  For more information, contact the City Elections Officer
Complete PDF versions of reports are also now available for download.
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1st Pre-Election Report

C&E Summaries for City Candidates in 2004 Primary

Mayor (view all)
1st Pre-Election C&E Summaries for Mayor Candidates

- Ackerman, David
- Adams, R. Jerry, Ph.D. (Jerry Adams for Mayor)
- Balkema, Lori (mayorlori.com)
- Benkoski, Michael
- Busse, Phil (Vote Phil)
- Campbell, Scot (Extremo for Mayor Campaign Committee)
- Francesconi, Jim (Jim Francesconi for Mayor)
- Gier, Craig
- Hanson, Bart (Bart Hanson for Mayor)
- Hinds, Robert Ted (Portland Electing Robert Hinds for a Responsible Mayor Committee)
- Hollen, Bruce W.
- Humble, Lew
- Ketchum, Scott (Committee to Elect Scott Ketchum)
- Mitchell, Rosalinda S.
- Nilsson, Peter (Nilsson for Mayor)
- Pfau, Donald
- Posey, James. L. (Friends of James Posey for Mayor)
- Potter, Tom (Friends of Tom Potter)
- Rempfer, Jeffrey (Jeff 4 Mayor Committee)
- Rezabek-Wright, Rozz (Rozz for Mayor)
- Spagnola, Jim (Jim Spagg for Mayor)
- Taylor, Brad (Brad Taylor for Mayor)
- Taylor, Jeff (Jeff Taylor for Mayor)

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City PACs (view all)

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