POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 10 Erosion Chapter 10.50 Inspections
Chapter 10.50 Inspections

10.50.010 General.
A. The Director may conduct inspections whenever it is necessary to enforce any provisions of this Title, to determine compliance with this Title or whenever the Director has reasonable cause to believe there exists any violation of this Title.
B. Inspections shall occur at reasonable times of the day.  If the responsible party is at the site when the inspection is occurring, the Director or authorized representative shall first present proper credentials to the responsible party and request entry.  If such entry is thereupon refused, the Director shall have recourse to any remedy provided by law to obtain entry, including obtaining an administrative search warrant.

10.50.020 Inspections for Non-Permitted Activities
A. Non-permitted ground disturbing activities shall be inspected as the result of a complaint.
B. Inspections in response to complaints shall occur from one of the following locations:
1. The adjacent right-of-way;
2. Adjacent public property;
3. Adjacent private property with approval of entry from the property owner; or
4. The property that is the subject of the complaint with approval for entry by the property owner.

10.50.030 City Inspections.
(Amended by Ordinance No. 179690, effective November 18, 2005.) The Director shall conduct the following inspections on permitted development activities. It shall be the duty of the responsible party to notify the Director at the appropriate inspection phase as set forth below. Inspections of erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures may occur with other inspections being conducted on the development or construction project.
A. Pre-construction inspection. The Director shall conduct inspections after initial, temporary erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures have been put in place and prior to any ground disturbance in addition to that necessary for the installation of the erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures. When the development is being conducted in phases, this inspection shall occur at the beginning of each phase.
B. Permanent measures inspection. The Director shall conduct inspections after permanent measures are put in place. When the development is being conducted in phases, this inspection shall occur after permanent measures have been installed for each phase.
C. Interim inspections. The Director may conduct other inspections not specifically addressed above to determine compliance with this Title.
D. Final erosion control inspection. For special sites as defined in Section 10.30.030 A., an inspection shall be conducted after construction completion to determine the effectiveness of permanent erosion and sediment control measures. This inspection shall be conducted six months after construction completion or at other times determined by the Director. This inspection may be conducted at sites other than special sites as determined by the Director.

10.50.040 Other Inspections.

Where the Director has determined that special site conditions exist, the Director may designate a special inspector to monitor erosion, sediment and pollutant control at that site.  The special inspector shall be qualified to perform such monitoring.

10.50.050 Refusal of Entry.

No person shall refuse entry or access to a permitted development project to any authorized representative of the Director who provides proper credentials and requests entry for the purpose of conducting an inspection.  In addition, no person shall obstruct, hamper or interfere with any such representative while in the process of carrying out their official duties.

10.50.060 Release of Bond or Other Guarantee.
(Amended by Ordinance No. 179690, effective November 18, 2005.) At the time of project approval, when the Director determines that all provisions of this Title have been met, the bond, letter of credit or other guarantee that has been provided shall be released. Public works permit and contract performance guarantees shall be released as dictated in the applicable permit or warranty agreements.