Chapter 3.99 Fair Wage Policies

- Note
(New Chapter Added by Ordinance No. 174839, effective August 24, 2000.)

3.99.005 Policy.

It is the policy of the City of Portland that employees performing certain categories of work under formal service contracts with the City of Portland be guaranteed a minimum fair wage including benefits to equal a specified minimum total compensation. City bureaus and operating units have the discretion to implement this policy in a reasonable manner.

3.99.010 Covered Services.

The Fair Wage Policy applies to formal service contracts entered into by the City of Portland for janitorial, security, and parking attendant services.

3.99.015 Compliance.

City of Portland bureaus or operating units entering into formal contracts for covered services shall include the annual minimum wage and total compensation amount established by the City Office of Management and Finance in all procurement announcements and resulting contracts. Compliance with the minimum wage and total compensation requirements shall be monitored through submission of monthly certified payroll, mandatory employee notification of annual minimum wage and total compensation rates via on-site postings, designation of a bureau-based individual responsible for compliance monitoring and complaint resolution, and other measures deemed appropriate by the City. Contracts entered into by the City for covered services shall also include a non-retaliation clause protecting workers who assert wage claims based on this Chapter.

3.99.020 Adjustments

The fiscal year 2000/01 minimum wage shall be $8.00/hour with a minimum total compensation of $9.50/hour. "Total compensation" includes wages and the employer’s cost of paid leave, life or health insurance, or retirement, but does not include mandated employer costs such as FICA, state unemployment insurance, or other payroll taxes. The Office of Management and Finance shall provide City bureaus with a yearly minimum wage and minimum total compensation figure for covered services which is anticipated to be adjusted annually in light of any year-to-year percentage increase in the Portland/Salem Consumer Price Index wage earners (cpi-w) as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in February of each year. In making these adjustments, the Office of Management and Finance shall take into account the City’s overall financial picture, and this code shall not be interpreted to require any increase which is inconsistent with the City’s financial health and capabilities.