Chapter 3.26 Bureau of Parks

3.26.010 Organization Generally.

The Bureau of Parks shall consist of the Superintendent of Parks who shall be in charge, and such other employees as the Council may provide. The Bureau of Parks shall be made up of the divisions set forth in this Chapter.

3.26.020 Executive and Clerical Division.

The Executive and Clerical Division, supervised by a Principal Clerk or other competent person, shall maintain the necessary records with regard to payrolls, requisitions, and cost accounting for the Bureau of Parks, and in addition shall have control over the women’s comfort stations maintained by the Bureau of Parks.

3.26.030 Park Maintenance and Operation Division.

The Park Maintenance and Operation Division, supervised by an Assistant Superintendent of Parks or other competent person, shall have charge of the care, upkeep, and repair of park property in the Zoo, parks, and playgrounds of the City including all swimming tanks. This Division shall also have control over the trucks owned by the Bureau of Parks.

3.26.040 Nursery and Planting Division.

The Nursery and Planting Division, supervised by a Director of Park Plantings or other competent person, shall have control over the gardening and nursery functions and properties of the Bureau of Parks, including the greenhouse, nursery, golf courses, and floral displays.

Removal of trees, permits for removal of trees, removal of limbs of trees and reports in regard to trees shall all be in the Nuisance Section, except that removal of trees shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent of the Bureau of Parks or his designated representative.

3.26.050 Public Recreation Division.

The Public Recreation Division, supervised by a Director of Recreation, shall have charge of the public recreational program and property of the Bureau of Parks, including activities at community houses, summer playgrounds, swimming tanks and summer camps.

3.26.060 Municipal Stadium Division.

(Repealed by Ordinance No. 185569, effective September 28, 2012.)

3.26.080 Sale or Exchange of Surplus Animals, Birds or Reptiles.

The Superintendent of Parks, with the approval of the Commissioner In Charge, hereby is authorized to trade, sell or exchange surplus animals, birds or reptiles, with public or private zoos throughout the United States or Canada, provided that the value of such animal, bird or reptile so traded, sold, or exchanged does not exceed the sum of $1,000. The Superintendent of Parks, in connection with such transaction, hereby is authorized to pay necessary handling charges incident to such trade, sale or exchange.

3.26.090 Solar Friendly Trees.

(Added by Ordinance No. 157993, effective Feb. 18. 1986.) The City Forester, in consultation with the Energy Office, shall recommend a methodology to the Tree Advisory Committee for determining the relative solar friendliness of trees. The City Forester shall use the methodology to create and maintain lists of all trees known to be either solar friendly or non-solar friendly.

Solar friendly trees shall be those deciduous trees which, by the determination of the City Forester, shall have a combination of low winter branch density and long period of wintertime defoliation, and as such, shall result in minimal loss of incident solar radiation during the heating season if planted or allowed to grow.