POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter City Charter Chapter 5 Fire and Police Disability, Retirement and Death Benefit Plan
Chapter 5 Fire and Police Disability, Retirement and Death Benefit Plan
-Chapter 5 note

Article 1 Funding (view all)

Article 2 Administration (view all)

Article 3 FPDR Two And Three Benefits (view all)

Article 4 Miscellaneous (view all)

Article 5 FPDR One Benefits (view all)
- Section 5-113. Retirement, Resignation, and Discharge.
- Section 5-114. Compulsory Retirement.
- Section 5-115. Benefits for Service Connected Disability or Occupational Disability.
- Section 5-116. Benefits for Nonservice Connected Disability.
- Section 5-117. Benefits and Pensions to Surviving Spouses and Children in Service Connected or Occupational Disability Deaths.
- Section 5-118. Benefits and Pensions to Surviving Spouses and Children on Deaths of FPDR One Members After Retirement or on Non Service Connected Deaths Before Retirement.
- Section 5-119. Pensions for Previously Retired FPDR One Members and Their Surviving Spouses and Children.
- Section 5-120. Variation in Amount of Benefit or Pension Payments.
- Section 5-121. Temporary FPDR One Members.
- Section 5-122. Military Service.
- Section 5-123. Funeral Expenses.
- Section 5-126. Definitions of Terms.