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Foreclosure Program

The City of Portland has not foreclosed on a property with a delinquent City lien in over 30 years. City Council amended City Code Chapter 5.30, which approved new collection and foreclosure practices that include the use of foreclosure as a last resort to collect money owed to the City. The new Ordinance went into effect on March 7, 2003.
The Auditor’s Office has developed policies and procedures for the Foreclosure process. Over $6.3 million in delinquent lien payments are due to the City, mostly for code enforcement activities of the Bureau of Development Services.
Program Objectives
  • Improve Collection Practices
  • Decrease Delinquency Rate
  • Increase revenues from uncollected liens
Program Features
  • Increase pressure/opportunity for delinquent property owners to find a solution to their delinquency
  • Case review to assist Council understand property owner’s situation
  • Committee to evaluate and determine appropriate collection amount and schedule
  • Opportunity to appeal amount to Hearings Officer
  • Opportunity/time to resolve situation prior to foreclosure action
Program Implementation – 3 Phases
  • Phase I – (Commercial Property and Vacant Lots)
  • Phase II – (Rental Single Family Dwelling and Duplexes)
  • Phase III – (Owner-occupied Single Family Dwelling)
For more information please contact the Auditor’s Office, Foreclosure Manager at (503) 823-2037 or Fax (503) 823-4571.
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Lien Inquiry and Payoff Information

Revenue Bureau - Liens Section

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