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Human Resources Administrative Rules

Administration (view all)

Equal Employment (view all)

Employment (view all)
- HRAR-3.01 - Recruitment Processes (PDF Document, 183kb)
- HRAR-3.02 - Eligible Lists (PDF Document, 30kb)
- HRAR-3.03 - Types of Appointments (PDF Document, 84kb)
- HRAR-3.04 - Temporary Appointments (PDF Document, 36kb)
- HRAR-3.05 - Employment of Minors (PDF Document, 62kb)
- HRAR-3.06 - Employment of Retirees (PDF Document, 41kb)
- HRAR-3.07 - Veteran's Preference (PDF Document, 182kb)
- HRAR-3.08 - Probationary Period (PDF Document, 26kb)
- HRAR-3.09 - Driving Records (PDF Document, 73kb)
- HRAR-3.10 - Nepotism (PDF Document, 22kb)
- HRAR-3.11 - Criminal Conviction Checks (PDF Document, 30kb)
- HRAR-3.12 - Reference Checks & Employment Verification (PDF Document, 90kb)
- HRAR-3.13 - Employee Representation (PDF Document, 31kb)
- HRAR-3.14 - College Work-Study Program (PDF Document, 28kb)
- HRAR-3.15 - Civil Service Board (PDF Document, 79kb)
- HRAR-3.16 - Background Investigations (PDF Document, 112kb)

Employee Behavior & Expectations (view all)
- HRAR-4.01 - Drug & Alcohol Use Prohibited (PDF Document, 52kb)
- HRAR-4.02 - Smoking (PDF Document, 20kb)
- HRAR-4.03 - Dress, Appearance and Fragrance in the Work Place (PDF Document, 21kb)
- HRAR-4.04 - Teleworking (PDF Document, 86kb)
- HRAR-4.05 - Outside Employment and Unpaid Activities (PDF Document, 30kb)
- HRAR-4.06 - Political Activity (PDF Document, 37kb)
- HRAR-4.07 - Awards, Gifts, Prizes and Promotional Items (PDF Document, 71kb)
- HRAR-4.08 - Information Technologies (PDF Document, 210kb)
- HRAR-4.08(A) - Social Media (PDF Document, 102kb)
- HRAR-4.09 - Use of City Resources (PDF Document, 32kb)
- HRAR-4.10 - Travel (PDF Document, 31kb)
- HRAR-4.11 - Inclement Weather (PDF Document, 153kb)
- HRAR-4.12 - Workplace Violence Prohibited (PDF Document, 35kb)
- HRAR-4.13 - Vehicle Loss Control (PDF Document, 50kb)
- HRAR-4.14 Renumbered to HRAR-11.03 - Duty to Report Unlawful or Improper Actions

- HRAR-5.01 - Discipline (PDF Document, 41kb)

Leaves (view all)
- HRAR-6.01 - General Leaves of Absence (PDF Document, 21kb)
- HRAR-6.02 - Holidays (PDF Document, 32kb)
- HRAR-6.03 - Vacation (PDF Document, 33kb)
- HRAR-6.04 - Sick Leave (PDF Document, 45kb)
- HRAR-6.05 - Family Medical Leave (PDF Document, 262kb)
- HRAR-6.06 - Catastrophic Leave (PDF Document, 46kb)
- HRAR-6.07 - Military Leave (PDF Document, 36kb)
- HRAR-6.07 (A) - Military Leave - Vacation Donation Program (PDF Document, 31kb)
- HRAR-6.08 - Funeral and Bereavement Leave (PDF Document, 23kb)
- HRAR-6.09 - Jury Duty Leave (PDF Document, 23kb)
- HRAR-6.10 - Leave to Attend Court or Other Legal Proceeding (PDF Document, 30kb)
- HRAR-6.10 (A) - Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking (PDF Document, 106kb)
- HRAR-6.11 - Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief and Civil Defense (PDF Document, 24kb)
- HRAR-6.12 - Conventions and Meetings (PDF Document, 10kb)
- HRAR-6.13 - Supplemental Workers' Compensation Benefits (PDF Document, 228kb)
- HRAR-6.14 - Restoration and Use of Accrued Leave for Members Receiving Benefits From the Fire Police Disability Retirement and Death Benefit Plan (PDF Document, 33kb)

Employee Movement (view all)
- HRAR-7.01 - Transfers (PDF Document, 34kb)
- HRAR-7.02 - Promotions (PDF Document, 11kb)
- HRAR-7.03 - Demotion (PDF Document, 38kb)
- HRAR-7.04 - Redeployment (PDF Document, 38kb)
- HRAR-7.05 - Separation from Service (PDF Document, 39kb)
- HRAR-7.06 - Layoff & Recall (PDF Document, 45kb)
- HRAR-7.07 - Reinstatement (PDF Document, 32kb)
- HRAR-7.08 - Injured Employee Return to Work (PDF Document, 81kb)
- HRAR-7.09 - Medical Layoff (PDF Document, 27kb)
- HRAR-7.10 - Organization and Position Management (PDF Document, 51kb)
- HRAR-7.11 - Unemployment Claims (PDF Document, 12kb)

Classification & Compensation (view all)

Employee Development & Training (view all)
- HRAR-9.01 - Employee Training and Development (PDF Document, 23kb)
- HRAR-9.02 - Performance Management (PDF Document, 38kb)
- HRAR-9.03 - Training Plans (PDF Document, 30kb)

Employee Benefits (view all)

Ethical Conduct (view all)

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