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Citizen Review Committee Meeting
Starts Wednesday, January 8 2014 @ 5:30 PM Ends 8:00 PM
Length 2.5 Hours  
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*Please Note: Agenda Times Are Approximate


Date:            Wednesday January 8, 2014

Time:            5:30 pm — 8:00 pm

Location:       Room C, Portland Building (2nd Floor), 1220 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204




5:30 pm—5:45 pm Introductions and Welcome (CRC Vice Chair Jeff Bissonnette)


Approval of December 4, 2013 Meeting Minutes

5:45 pm—6:00 pm Director's Report (IPR Director Constantin Severe)

6:00 pm—6:15 pm Chair’s Report (Jeff Bissonnette)
6:15 pm7:15 pm Appeal Hearing: Appeal 2013-C-0099/2013-X-0004
Case Summary
Allegation that Sergeant A acted in an unprofessional manner while off-duty 
7:15 pm7:20 pm Break
7:20 pm8:20 pm Case File Review: Appeal 2013-C-0030/2013-X-0005
Case Summary
Allegation that officer A acted in an unprofessional manner and failed to read the Miranda warning prior asking questions. Appellant also states that officer A improperly entered his home and searched his bedroom without permission
8:20 pm—8:25 pm Break
8:25 pm—8:40 pm New Business
1) DOJ Fairness Hearing
2) Discussion on new CRC meeting locations  (Irene Konev)
8:40 pm—8:55 pm Old Business
1) Recurring Audit Workgroup – status of case dismissal project
8:55 pm—9:15 pm Workgroup Updates: Please provide the following information —
1) Brief summary of the goals and objectives of your workgroup
2) Date of last meeting
3) Brief summary of the work done at your last meeting
4) Next scheduled meeting
5) Main topic to be discussed/addressed at the next meeting
6) Any assistance from IPR or CRC needed to achieve your goals
1. Crowd Control Workgroup (5 min.)
MISSION STATEMENT: The Crowd Control Workgroup examines existing crowd control policies, training, and tactics of the Portland Police Bureau, reviews crowd control best practices, legal standards and other information, and makes appropriate recommendations.
Chair: Rodney Paris / Members: David Denecke and Jamie Troy
IPR Staff: Derek Reinke, Senior Management Analyst
2. Outreach Workgroup (5 min.)
MISSION STATEMENT: The Outreach Workgroup, in coordination with the IPR Coordinator, identifies and continually conducts consistent outreach to neighborhood associations, community organizations, and business groups to make the general public aware of the existence of the Citizen Review Committee and its role in police oversight.
Members: Jeff Bissonnette, Dr. Rochelle Silver, Jamie Troy
IPR staff: Irene Konev, Community Outreach Coordinator
3. Recruitment, Retention and Promotion (Portland Police Bureau) (5 min.)
MISSION STATEMENT: The Recruitment, Retention and Promotion Workgroup examines existing policies and practices of the Portland Police Bureau in recruiting, retaining and promoting its members, and formulates policy recommendations where needed.
Chair: Vacant/ Members: Teresa Baldwin
IPR staff: Anika Bent-Albert, Assistant Director
4. Recurring Audit (5 min.)
MISSION STATEMENT: The Recurring Audit Workgroup seeks to improve accountability of IPR and the Portland Police Bureau by reviewing closed cases to ensure procedures, policies and protocols are followed and will recommend improvements, if necessary.
Chair: Jeff Bissonnette / Members:Teresa Baldwin, and Rodney Paris
IPR staff: Derek Reinke, Senior Management Analyst
5. Use of Deadly Force Workgroup (5 min.)
MISSION STATEMENT: The Use of Deadly Force Workgroup examines Portland Police Bureau use of deadly force policies, directives, training and implementation in order to recommend and support any needed change in Portland Police Bureau use of deadly force.
Chair: David Denecke / Members: Dr. Rochelle Silver
IPR Staff: Derek Reinke, Senior Management Analyst
9:15 pm—9:30 pm Public comment and wrap-up comments by CRC members
TBA Adjournment


A request for an interpreter or assisted listening device for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made at least 48 hours before the meeting to 823-0146 (TYY 503-823-6868).


Visit the website for more information regarding the Independent Police Review Division, Citizen Review Committee, protocols, CRC meeting schedules, and approved minutes: www.portlandonline.com/auditor/ipr.


*CRC Members: If you know you will not be able to attend a CRC meeting or that you will be missing a significant amount of a meeting, please call or e-mail IPR in advance so that the CRC Chair may be made aware of your expected absence.



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