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Campaign Finance Fund
Program Information
Campaign Finance Fund information, including timelines and procedures for the May 2008 primary election.
List of Participating Candidates, ORESTAR filings, Certification Status, Funds Received
Nonparticipating Candidate Reports
100% and Increment Reports filed by Nonparticipating Candidates for May 2006 Primary
Ordinances, Resolutions, Implementation Timeline
City public campaign financing program - original code language, code amendments, resolutions and related documents
Citizen Campaign Commission (Archival Information)
Citizen Campaign Commission (Archival Information)

Due to the rejection of Measure 26-108 in the 2010 General Election, the Campaign Finance Fund program has been discontinued for all elections after November 2nd, 2010.


Overview of the Program


The Campaign Finance Fund was a campaign finance reform measure that was created by City Ordinance No. 179258 to provide a voluntary campaign finance system for City Commissioner, Mayor, and Auditor elections.


Candidates could choose to participate in the system and receive public funds after qualification or they could choose to raise funds in a traditional manner. Candidates who chose to seek certification for public campaign financing by raising five-dollar Qualifying Contributions were referred to as "Participating Candidates." 


Once the Auditor determined that a Candidate had met the qualification requirements, the Candidate became a "Certified Candidate" and was eligible to receive funds.  Certified Candidates had additional campaign finance requirements in comparison to Nonparticipating (conventionally financed) Candidates. Certified Candidates were personally responsible for all monies disbursed to them from the Campaign Finance Fund.


Please contact Deborah Scroggin, City Elections Officer, for archival information about the program.


2010 Primary

List of Participating Candidates, 2010 Primary Election Period


Financial Summary

Summary of contribution and expenditures for Campaign Finance Fund certified candidates, 2006-2010


Citizen Campaign Commission

Links to archival Commission reports, meeting minutes and policy documents


Timeline: Ordinances, Resolutions

A brief timeline, including links to relevant ordinances and resolutions

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ORESTAR - Campaign Finance Public Search

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