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Audit Reports

2016 Reports (view all)
- Technology Projects: Lack of governance hurts City projects and disaster planning - HIGHLIGHTS (Report 460B) - 2/4/16 (PDF Document, 38kb)
- Technology Services: Lack of governance hurts City projects and disaster planning (Report 460B) - 2/4/16 (PDF Document, 472kb)
- City Council Grants: No competition and limited oversight - HIGHLIGHTS (Report 479) - 1/21/16 (PDF Document, 36kb)
- City Council Grants: No competition and limited oversight (Report 479) - 1/21/16 (PDF Document, 510kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Management of on-call contracts inconsistent with Commission expectations - HIGHLIGHTS - (Report 474) - 1/13/16 (PDF Document, 44kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Management of on-call contracts inconsistent with Commission expectations - SUMMARY - (Report 474) - 1/13/16 (PDF Document, 51kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Management of on-call contracts inconsistent with Commission expectations FULL REPORT - (Report 474) - 1/13/16 (PDF Document, 324kb)

2015 Reports (view all)
- 2015 Community Survey: Booming construction, traffic congestion, and costly housing - HIGHLIGHTS - (Report 473) - 11/5/15 (PDF Document, 53kb)
- 2015 Community Survey: Booming construction, traffic congestion, and costly housing - FULL REPORT - (Report 473) - 11/5/15 (PDF Document, 532kb)
- Red Light Cameras: City can fine tune some program aspects and solidify plans for future (Report 466) - 7/22/15 (PDF Document, 8,098kb)
- City Procurement: Contracting process needs Council intervention (Report 446A) - 6/24/15 (PDF Document, 799kb)
- Arts Tax: Promises to voters only partly fulfilled - HIGHLIGHTS - (Report 472) - 7/28/15 (PDF Document, 32kb)
- Arts Tax: Promises to voters only partly fulfilled - FULL REPORT - (Report 472) - 7/28/15 (PDF Document, 610kb)
- Southwest Portland: Residents rate livability highly while some services are much worse than citywide (Report 467) - 7/8/15 (PDF Document, 3,385kb)
- Portland's Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Condition: Maintenance needs and pension costs challenge long-term position (Report 470) - 6/29/15 (PDF Document, 1,243kb)
- Surplus Real Property: Policy, central management, and inventory of real property holdings needed (Report 461) - 4/2/15 (PDF Document, 1,272kb)
- City Attorney's Office: Good practices in place; next steps include strategic plan, measures, and post-contract evaluations (Report 459) - 3/11/15 (PDF Document, 718kb)
- Police Training Division: Progress made, but evaluating impacts on officer performance must be improved (Report 457) - 3/3/15 (PDF Document, 476kb)
- Portland Children's Levy: Funds benefit children but goals and structure should be clarified (Report 468) - 2/24/15 (PDF Document, 283kb)
- City Budget Process: Timing, roles, and decision-making need improvement (Report 455) - 2/11/15 (PDF Document, 573kb)

2014 Reports (view all)
- Portland Streetcar: City transit targets unmet, better performance management needed (Report 451B) - 12/11/14 (PDF Document, 957kb)
- Bureau of Technology Services: City fails to comply with payment card industry standard (Report 460A) - 11/18/14 (PDF Document, 332kb)
- City of Portland 24th annual community survey results (Report 463) - 10/29/14 (PDF Document, 409kb)
- B.E.S. Columbia Building: Scope additions and ineffective design oversight led to substantially higher project costs (Report 446B) - 10/22/14 (PDF Document, 1,769kb)
- Audit of the Auditor - 2014 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 456) - 10/2/14 (PDF Document, 232kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Human resources and payroll practices functioning effectively (Report 458) – 8/12/14 (PDF Document, 247kb)
- Vacant Positions: Few positions vacant long-term, but enhanced oversight can reduce risk (Report 444) - 5/1/14 (PDF Document, 1,235kb)
- East Portland: History of City services examined (Report 435) - 4/23/14 (PDF Document, 2,177kb)
- Portland Streetcar: City bears financial burden and operational risk while relying on outside partners (Report 451A) - 4/17/14 (PDF Document, 1,562kb)
- Organic Waste: Residential collection increased, but challenges remain in larger commercial sector (Report 447) – 4/8/14 (PDF Document, 482kb)
- Building Permits: Extension practices inconsistent; documentation lacking (Report 420B) - 4/3/14 (PDF Document, 1,078kb)
- Sexual Assault Response: Progress made toward a victim-centered approach (PDF Document, 940kb)
- Housing Loan Program: Funding supports goals, but low repayment may jeopardize long-term success (Report 449) - 3/24/14 (PDF Document, 432kb)

2013 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland 23rd Annual Community Survey Results (Report 450) - 10/30/13 (PDF Document, 426kb)
- Human Capital Management Software: Most modules now implemented, but additional costs exceed $3 million (Report 437) - 10/16/13 (PDF Document, 395kb)
- Residential and Commercial Inspections: Strengthen oversight and management practices; document procedures (Report 420A) - 9/25/13 (PDF Document, 1,382kb)
- Portland Parks and Recreation: Managing diverse assets requires evaluation of maintenance (Report 439) - 8/14/13 (PDF Document, 951kb)
- Emergency Communications: Training, quality control and procedures warrant improvement (Report 430) - 7/15/13 (PDF Document, 1,152kb)
- Transition Report: Key risks for City Council (Report 438) - 7/11/13 (PDF Document, 1,331kb)
- Emergency Management: Coordination improved and most essential functions complete (Report 441) - 6/24/13 (PDF Document, 221kb)
- Portland's Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Condition: Long-term financial position needs attention (Report 443) - 6/19/13 (PDF Document, 781kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Records management systems in place, but support and direction needed (Report 442) - 4/30/2013 (PDF Document, 318kb)
- Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program: Management problems impact cost and schedule goals (Report 422) - 4/4/2013 (PDF Document, 510kb)
- Urban Services Policy and Resolution A: Core City services not articulated; 30-year-old commitments obsolete (Report 433) - 3/26/13 (PDF Document, 358kb)
- Street Pavement: Condition shows need for better stewardship (Report 432) - 2/19/2013 (PDF Document, 606kb)
- Transportation Funding: Revenues up, spending on maintenance down (Report 436) - 1/30/2013 (PDF Document, 174kb)

2012 Reports (view all)
- Portland Development Commission: Indicators in Urban Renewal Areas suggest economic progress (Report 440) - 12/13/12 (PDF Document, 468kb)
- City of Portland 22nd Annual Community Survey Results (Report 428) - 10/30/12 (PDF Document, 390kb)
- City Financial Transactions: Issues warrant management attention (Report 406A) - 9/26/12 (PDF Document, 869kb)
- Debt Reserves: Legal reserves meet requirements, but internal reserves need more accountability (Report 425) - 8/28/12 (PDF Document, 530kb)
- A report to our community (Report 431) - 7/25/12 (PDF Document, 360kb)
- Portland Fire & Rescue: More active management of overtime and call shifts needed for good stewardship of limited resources (Report 418) - 6/28/12 (PDF Document, 443kb)
- Residential Solid Waste: Customer rates accurate, but monitoring should continue (Report 429) - 6/20/12 (PDF Document, 956kb)
- SUMMARY: Portland Water Bureau asset management audit (Report 405) - 6/7/12 (PDF Document, 278kb)
- Portland Water Bureau: Further advances in asset management would benefit ratepayers (Report 405) - 6/7/12 (PDF Document, 3,123kb)
- Portland Housing Bureau: Bureau acting on risks, although more remains to be done (Report 421) - 5/23/12 (PDF Document, 1,438kb)
- Portland Police Bureau Learning: Improvements needed to strengthen existing processes (Report 416) - 5/15/12 (PDF Document, 1,177kb)
- Downtown Office Space: City uses most of its owned space, but lease practices need attention (Report 417) - 4/30/12 (PDF Document, 667kb)
- PDC Economic Development Loans: Loan programs improved, but tracking major borrowers limited (Report 419) - 3/14/12 (PDF Document, 353kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Financial transaction review reveals areas warranting management attention ( Report 406B) - 2/16/12 (PDF Document, 316kb)
- DNA Testing: Turnaround time must improve to meet national guidelines (Report 427) - 1/12/12 (PDF Document, 273kb)

2011 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland 21st Annual Community Survey Results (Report 409) - 12/6/11 (PDF Document, 407kb)
- Audit of the Auditor - 2011 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (Report 402) - 9/9/11 (PDF Document, 1,392kb)
- Span of Control: Although numbers are reported, bureaus lack organizational structure goals (Report 397) - 8/17/11 (PDF Document, 328kb)
- Portland's Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Condition: Actions now can reduce risk of future problems (Report 399) - 7/28/11 (PDF Document, 1,385kb)
- Portland Center for the Performing Arts: Outsourced management good for the City, but agreements and oversight need improvement (Report 393) - 6/30/11 (PDF Document, 691kb)
- Fire and Police Disability and Retirement: Improvements resulted from 2006 Charter reforms, but significant fiscal challenges remain (Report 408) - 6/22/11 (PDF Document, 337kb)
- Police Property Evidence Division: Internal controls and physical security strong; tracking system needs improvement (Report 403) - 4/4/11 (PDF Document, 339kb)
- Spending utility ratepayer money: Not always linked to services, decision process inconsistent (Report 398) - 3/30/11 (PDF Document, 807kb)
- Percent for Art: Progress made, but consistency can be improved (Report 401) - 2/17/11 (PDF Document, 1,288kb)

2010 Reports (view all)
- Sewer Maintenance: BES and PBOT maintain the system together, but should consider operational changes (12/16/10) (PDF Document, 934kb)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2009-10 (12/2/10) (PDF Document, 225kb)
- Police Taser Use: Incidents generally resolved, but some practices and policies could be improved (11/18/10) (PDF Document, 299kb)
- Business System Software Implementation: Expensive, late, and incomplete (11/9/10) (PDF Document, 514kb)
- City of Portland 20th Annual Community Survey Results (11/4/10) (PDF Document, 409kb)
- Facilities Services: Project management practices improved (9/29/10) (PDF Document, 263kb)
- Portland Fire & Rescue: Emergency response time goal not met, though PF&R strives for excellence (7/7/10) (PDF Document, 1,938kb)
- Portland job creation and stimulus: Construction spending is up, while actual job creation remains unknown (6/28/10) (PDF Document, 396kb)
- Emergency Management: Coordination limited and essential functions incomplete (5/24/10) (PDF Document, 445kb)
- Portland Police Bureau: Drug training aid procedures strengthened, recently improved practices should continue (5/20/10) (PDF Document, 424kb)

2009 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments : 2008-09 (12/3/09) (PDF Document, 261kb)
- City of Portland 2009 Resident Survey Results (11/12/09) (PDF Document, 427kb)
- Federal Stimulus: Portland well-positioned to receive funds and meet requirements (9/10/09) (PDF Document, 446kb)
- Fraud Reporting: Clarification of process and training needed (9/9/09) (PDF Document, 669kb)
- Clean Air: City enforces parking laws to improve air quality (8/27/09) (PDF Document, 493kb)
- PDC Contracting Follow-up: Contracting concerns addressed through a centralized procurement structure (6/25/09) (PDF Document, 411kb)
- Public Works Supervisor Overtime: Most recommendations implemented but confusion about revised rule persists (6/10/09) (PDF Document, 958kb)
- Utility and Franchise Revenue: Equitable tax and consistent approach needed to improve collections (5/11/09) (PDF Document, 571kb)
- Overtime Management: Significant City expenditures lack policies and safeguards (4/22/09) (PDF Document, 2,184kb)
- Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1999-2008 (4/8/09) (PDF Document, 179kb)
- Transition Report: Key challenges for a new City Council (2/25/09) (PDF Document, 339kb)
- Five-Year Parks Levy: Facilities and services enhanced, but ballot title misleading (2/3/09) (PDF Document, 482kb)

2008 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2007-08 (12/9/08) (PDF Document, 485kb)
- 2008 Resident Survey Results (12/9/08) (PDF Document, 100kb)
- 2008 Resident Survey Methodology (12/9/08) (PDF Document, 34kb)
- 2008 Business Survey Results (12/9/08) (PDF Document, 42kb)
- 2008 Business Survey Methodology (12/9/08) (PDF Document, 66kb)
- Portland Fire & Rescue: Controlled substances monitoring falls short of requirements (10/8/08) (PDF Document, 445kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Developers comply with Disposition and Development Agreements, but PDC does not monitor adequately (9/24/08) (PDF Document, 939kb)
- Audit of the Auditor - 2008 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (8/28/08) (PDF Document, 230kb)
- Street Paving: Office of Transportation improved quality assurance, but is resurfacing fewer streets (8/26/09) (PDF Document, 1,942kb)
- Downtown SmartMeters: Most goals met, but cost-benefits and reliability need further review (7/31/08) (PDF Document, 974kb)
- Housing Tax Abatements: Oversight inadequate to ensure program goals (7/28/08) (PDF Document, 2,155kb)
- Public Participation in Capital Projects: Bureau processes align with best practices, but should be formalized and available to residents (3/18/08) (PDF Document, 482kb)
- Office of Neighborhood Involvement: Clearer goals and more comprehensive measures needed to improve accountability (6/12/08) (PDF Document, 459kb)
- Mandatory Supervisory Training: Not cost-effective and should be streamlined (3/14/08) (PDF Document, 426kb)
- Police Overtime: Most recommendations implemented, but more could be done (2/15/08) (PDF Document, 396kb)
- Construction Contracts: Bureau of Environmental Services strengthened its contract management procedures (2/12/08) (PDF Document, 331kb)
- Construction Contracts: Facilities Services needs to improve coordination with bureaus to reduce costs and delays (1/9/08) (PDF Document, 582kb)

2007 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2006-07 (Report 340) - 12/4/07 (PDF Document, 1,247kb)
- 2007 Resident Survey Results (Report 340) - 12/4/07 (PDF Document, 84kb)
- 2007 Resident Survey Methodology (Report 340) - 12/4/07 (PDF Document, 24kb)
- 2007 Business Survey Results (Report 340) - 12/4/07 (PDF Document, 41kb)
- 2007 Business Survey Methodology (Report 340) - 12/4/07 (PDF Document, 491kb)
- Downtown Parking Meters: Meters and pay stations are working, but certain transactions can be challenging (Report 352A) - 10/30/07 (PDF Document, 1,076kb)
- City Computers: Computers found with difficulty, tracking systems need to be improved (Report 350) - 10/16/07 (PDF Document, 400kb)
- City Recruitment Process: Monitoring needed to ensure balance of flexibility and fairness (Report 356) - 10/10/07 (PDF Document, 452kb)
- Ending Homelessness: Many short-term goals met; now long-term success should be defined (Report 336) - 8/27/07 (PDF Document, 461kb)
- Portland Parks Facility Maintenance: Tracking, assessment and measurement have improved (Report 353) - 7/31/07 (PDF Document, 401kb)
- Portland Parks and Recreation Follow-up: New softball contract allows Parks to develop competitive request for proposals (Report 355) 7/9/07 (PDF Document, 280kb)
- Strategic Sourcing: Projected savings not achieved -- program poorly implemented (Report 349) - 7/3/07 (PDF Document, 394kb)
- Sexual Assault and Investigation: Portland efforts fall short of a victim-centered approach (Report 342) - 6/19/07 (PDF Document, 1,642kb)
- Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1997-2006 (Report 326) - 4/27/07 (PDF Document, 503kb)
- Pandemic Flu Planning: City bureaus aware of national plans (Report 345) - 3/6/07 (PDF Document, 313kb)

2006 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2005-06 (PDF Document, 2,767kb)
- Revenue Bureau License and Tax Division: Program makes significant progress since last audit (PDF Document, 327kb)
- Public Works Supervisor Overtime: City Rules allowing overtime need clarification (PDF Document, 675kb)
- Fire Station Bond Program: Citizen oversight in place and spending matches voter intent (PDF Document, 395kb)
- Street Paving: City work not meeting pavement quality standards (PDF Document, 425kb)
- Street Paving: Current contract management practices put asphalt price and supply stability at risk (PDF Document, 446kb)
- Financial Transaction Review: Few results identified for further study (PDF Document, 459kb)
- Street Paving: More proactive maintenance could preserve additional city streets within existing funding (PDF Document, 863kb)
- Bureau of Technology Services: Customers see improved service, but improved communication would help (PDF Document, 358kb)
- Portland Development Commission: Economic development efforts effective, but improvements needed to measure and manage future success (PDF Document, 1,025kb)
- Street Paving: City needs to demonstrate least cost (PDF Document, 319kb)
- Partial Day Leave for Exempt Employees: Clarification would improve policy (PDF Document, 355kb)

2005 Reports (view all)
- City of Portland Service Efforts and Accomplishments: 2004-05 (PDF Document, 1,759kb)
- Office of Government Relations: Expense documentation and approval process can be improved (PDF Document, 359kb)
- Portland Development Commission Internal Controls: Policies are in place, but authorizations and documentation are often lacking (PDF Document, 565kb)
- Best Practices for Information Technology Governance (PDF Document, 754kb)
- Parks Bureau Softball: Operating agreement for the softball program should be revised as it nears self-sufficiency (PDF Document, 308kb)
- Percent for Art Program: Financial allocation process is informal, inconsistent, and may not fulfill requirements for public art (PDF Document, 545kb)
- Development Review Process: Bureau commitments to improve timeliness and efficiency have not been fully accomplished (PDF Document, 312kb)
- Audit of the Auditor - 2005 Peer Review of the Audit Services Division (PDF Document, 264kb)
- 2004 Citizen Survey: Results from six targeted neighborhoods (PDF Document, 1,340kb)
- Police Investigations: Improvements needed to address relatively low clearance rates (PDF Document, 1,090kb)
- I.T. Rate Methodology Reasonable But Charges Inadequately Explained (PDF Document, 506kb)
- Financial Condition in the City of Portland: 1995-2004 (PDF Document, 342kb)

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