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Neighborhood Improvements


Residential streets, storm-water sewers and facilities, sidewalks, and speed bumps are some of the improvements we help finance and assess property for.

Local Improvement District Administrator

System Development Charges (SDC)


These are charges assessed for new facilities for accommodating growth. System Development Charges can be assessed to support streets, parks, water or sewer and storm-water facilities.


Transportation SDC, Parks SDC
Sewer SDC call Bureau of Environmental Services at (503) 823-7761

Water SDC call Portland Water Bureau at (503) 823-7368

Sidewalk Repairs


Property owners in the City of Portland are generally required to maintain the sidewalks abutting their property. When City sidewalk inspectors determine that repair work needs to be done, property owners have the option of having this work done by the City, and our office will provide long-term, low-interest financing for these repairs.


Sidewalk Program at Portland Bureau of Transportation

Code Enforcement and Nuisance Abatement


The Bureau of Development Services (BDS) enforces the City Code regarding building safety and maintenance issues. Our Office assess properties for violations and fines generated by their efforts, and collect these charges for code violations and nuisance abatement.


Note: You must contact the Bureau of Development Services to find out what the violations are against your property.


Bureau of Development Services/Housing and Nuisance Department

Contact Information

Assessment, Finance & Foreclosure

1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 130
Portland, Oregon 97204
phone:  503-823-3569
fax:  503-823-4571

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Lien Inquiry and Payoff Information

Revenue Bureau - Liens Section

111 SW Columbia, Room 600

Portland, OR  97201

Phone: 503-823-4090

Fax: 503-823-3549