POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Divisions Assessments & Liens Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did the Auditor’s Office send me an Assessment Notice?


Answer: We assessed your property and sent you an assessment notice at the request of another City Bureau. Various Bureaus request us to bill property owners for improvements, charges, and fees. To find out about the reason for the assessment, you may telephone the Bureau. The Bureau will need a case, invoice, or account number to identify your case. This is found on the Notice that was sent to you. Our office can help you with questions about financing and making payment arrangements. To contact the other Bureaus, see "Other Telephone Numbers" and "Links" at this web site.


Question: How can I find out about violations against a property?

Answer: The Bureau that has information about violations against property within Portland’s City limits is the Bureau of Development Services (BDS). For Housing, Code Compliance, Nuisance or Demolition, telephone 503-823-2633.


Question: How can I find out if there are liens against a property?

Answer: You can find out about liens on a property by telephoning a Customer Accounts Specialist in the Revenue Division at 503-823-4090.


Question: Must liens be paid-off when property is sold?

Answer: Liens are against property not property owners, and the lien goes with the property at sale. The new owner becomes responsible for payment. However, mortgage companies usually require that the liens are paid from proceeds of the sale. If ownership changes without payment of the lien, the new owner assumes the lien. In most cases the new owner may assume the payment arrangement of the former owner. In a few cases the full amount of the lien is due. Please telephone a Customer Accounts Specialist in the Revenue Division to find out about the lien in question at 503-823-4090.


Question: Does a title company report show everything against a property?

Answer: Title reports show liens against property, but may or may not show potential liens. Potential or pending liens are actions that the City may take in the future, i.e., sidewalk repair, nuisance abatement, potential LID, Private Plumbing Loan, SDC, and etc. The initiating Bureau can be asked about these. When selling property, the owner should disclose this information, but may not always do so.


Question: A City lien is in the way of my getting financing. Will the City let the financial institution’s lien take priority over the City’s lien?

Answer: The City’s liens are first priority liens by Oregon Law. We cannot, nor are we allowed to subordinate our liens to any other liens. Please refer to Oregon Revised Statutes 223.230 (3). See ORS 223 under links on this web page.


Question: How do I get another Installment Contract?

Answer: For another system development charge contract, telephone the Bureau that you owe the charge to. They can send you a new contract. However, contact us for LID and Sidewalk Repair installment contracts. Telephone 503-823-4090.

We mail installment contracts with LID and Sidewalk Repair Assessment Notices. The contract expires after 30 days. This is the "due date" on the contract. After this date, please telephone the number above for a new contract.


Question: I owe too much money in overdue payments. What can I do?

Answer: We can work out a payment arrangement that will allow you to become current on past due payments over a period of time. We will talk over with you the amount of payment and length of time needed to pay off the debt. A "Special Payment Plan" will be sent to you. Regular payments on the plan are needed to keep it in force.


Tax Information


The Multnomah County Tax Assessor administers property taxes. The City Auditor does not collect assessments through your property taxes. Nor do we collect property taxes. Questions regarding taxes should be directed to one of the following agencies.


Multnomah County Division of Assessment & Taxation
Information: 503-988-3326


State of Oregon, Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Questions: 503-378-4988 or
Within Oregon: 1-800-356-4222


Internal Revenue Service
Federal Tax Information: 1-800-829-1040


Links and Other Telephone Numbers


City Charter and City Code


City Information:503-823-4000


Bureau of Environmental Services
Developmental Assistance: 503-823-7740
Mandatory Sewer Connection Program: 503-823-4114


Oregon Revised Statutes


Bureau of Development Services

Housing Code Violation Information: 503-823-2633
Code Compliance: 503-823-2633
Nuisance Abatement, Demolition: 503-823-2633
Permits: 503-823-7363


Office of Transportation
Parking Enforcement Division: 503-823-7309 (Abandoned Autos)
System Development Charges: 503-823-5416
Sidewalk Repair Section: 503-823-1711


Portland Water Bureau

System Development Charges: 503-823-7368

Parks & Recreation
System Development Charge: 503-823-5105


Portland Development Commission: 503-823-3400


City of Portland Utilities Customer Services: 503-823-7770

Contact Information

Assessment, Finance & Foreclosure

1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 130
Portland, Oregon 97204
phone:  503-823-3569
fax:  503-823-4571

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Lien Inquiry and Payoff Information

Revenue Bureau - Liens Section

111 SW Columbia, Room 600

Portland, OR  97201

Phone: 503-823-4090

Fax: 503-823-3549